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‘Rent Strikes’ Increase, Asking Government For Yet Another Form of Stimulus

A Queens, N.Y. resident is gathering communal support by asking her neighbors to join her on a rent strike. Ysvelia Silva lives in a 17-building community in Queens, comprised of “five-story brick buildings of mostly affordable housing” reports the Wall Street Journal.

Kim Jong Un Sister Could Be ‘More Tyrannical’ Than Brother Should He Die

Although it is virtually impossible to get any information, let alone truthful intel from North Korea, rumors are running rampant that the North Korean leader is in bad health.

We Are Mad At China, But Hunter Biden Is Not; Still Board Member of Chinese Company

China is a sensitive subject right now, but the reality is the coronavirus has only made the public aware of the problems it presents; Trump, however, has been warning us for years.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says Coronavirus Restrictions May Last Until June

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cautioned that social distancing restrictions may need to be tightened and extended until June to contain and prevent the outbreak from resurging, saying it’s going to be a “long, tough” April.

Democrats To Push For “Green” Infrastructure Spending in Phase 4 Coronavirus Bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appears to be following the mantra of Rahm Emanuel and ensuring that the coronavirus crisis does not go to waste by pushing for a new round of “green” infrastructure spending.

Pelosi’s ‘Junk’ Almost Killed Coronavirus Rescue Bill

President Trump joined Fox and Friends with some behind the scenes insight into the battle that was passing the $2.2 trillion rescue bill. “We did walk away a couple of times, actually, but we thought we were literally going to have to walk away and start all over again they had so much junk in there – and it was junk. Much of it was junk.”

Media Matters Attacked Fox as Virus “Fearmongers”, Now Accuses Network of “Downplaying” Virus

MMFA, which has long been dogged with a reputation for anti-Semitism and regularly leads fascist-style campaigns to bully Fox advertisers into silencing Fox hosts has now been caught playing a game with a seriously lethal pandemic.

Report: ‘With Cancellation of 21 Million Cellphones…Real Death Toll in China is A Mystery’

Citizens globally are in uncharted waters as we sit and wait in hopes that the coronavirus will exit our lives just as abruptly as it entered. Looking to other countries such as China, where the virus originated, is our best guess as to what the future holds.

DEVELOPING: Trump Releases Supply of ‘Hydroxy-Chloroquine’ for Immediate Use in New York

A French study found that Plaqenuil and antibiotic Zithromax could be effective in treating the coronavirus and reducing the duration of the virus in patients.

The Assault on Fox News

The fact of the matter is that the liberal media’s abysmal performance over the course of the Trump candidacy and White House has been nothing less than an all-out assault on facts and truth.

Latest news

Facebook, Twitter Pull Accurate Trump Quote On Children And Virus – The BBC Contradicts Them Both

Facebook took down a post by U.S. President Donald Trump, which the company said violated its rules against sharing misinformation about the coronavirus.

Angry NY Times Targets Conservative Media

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, as noted here at NewsBusters,  “has developed a beat of targeting conservative media." The latest attack from Peters in the Times is headed this way.

Revolutionary Communist Party USA Boss Endorses Biden

The head of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA is backing Joe Biden for President.

Twitter Is Killing Sports

The “woke” wave that has become a staple of the American Left has been damaging all sorts of American institutions from journalism to the police to the once routine of peaceful protests.

NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Stands Alone During National Anthem, Jersey Sales Skyrocket Second To LeBron

A powerful image emerged from the NBA just before the weekend. During the national anthem of Friday’s game between the Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets, one player stood out and the country is thanking him for it. Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac was the first NBA player to stand during the national anthem.
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