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BOOM! Record 2.5 Million Jobs Added in May, Trump Signs Bill to Ease PPP Restrictions

Friday has been an economic victory for the United States; one we have been desperate to see for months. “Defying predictions of additional layoffs in the wake of the coronavirus” the unemployment rate actually dropped last month, and 2.5 million jobs were added, reported National Review.

BET Founder: ‘Wealth Transfer Is Exactly What’s Needed,’ Proposes $14 Trillion in Reparations

The founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), Robert Johnson, believes the wealth divide in our nation is at the heart of the matter striking violent protests and looting across the nation.

Next Crisis Is Workers Refusing Jobs to Remain On Unemployment Benefits

A bleak jobs report released today shows “that U.S. employers cut 20.5 million jobs in April, or nearly all of the 22 million jobs added in the past decade” reported the Wall Street Journal.

Airlines Suffer Over 95% Travel Demand Loss; Beg DOT to Suspend Flights

COVID-19 has caused severe damage across the board, resulting in U.S. travel falling by over 95%. JetBlue wants to suspend flights to 16 U.S. airports, including Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Detroit through Sept. 30 reports Reuters.

AOC Celebrates Oil Markets Crashing Then Tries to Delete Evidence

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated oil prices crashing into the negative territory. She tweeted that with oil markets crashing and record low-interest rates, this is a great time for a “worker” led push for “green infrastructure” to save the planet.

Happy ‘Economic’ Holidays: 266,000 Jobs Added and Unemployment Rate Falls to 50-Year Low

In case mainstream media outlets don’t report this today, you read it here. This morning the Labor Department announced the unemployment rate has reached...

Mark Cuban is Latest Billionaire to Pummel Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Plan

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban suggested in multiple tweets over the weekend that 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax “diverts attention from reality”...

Latest news

Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt Vice President In American History

As a new Senate report illustrates, and a small tidal wave of books and articles make clear, Biden stands out as the most corrupt vice president in American history. Considering that the country has had 48 vice presidents, that’s saying something.

BALLOT BLUNDER: Military mail-in ballots cast for Trump discarded in Pennsylvania, federal investigation finds

The widespread fear of the coronavirus has taken over every aspect of life as we knew it, including the ability to cast your vote at a polling station.

Clinton Calls SCOTUS ‘Fight’ A ‘Diabolical’ Attempt To Repeal Obamacare

Clinton gave a bizarre statement that the Supreme Court nominee is being pushed through for a health care agenda.

U.S. Health Officials Promise ‘No Corners Cut’ In Vaccination

Scientists are getting a taste of political foul play as they try to assure the American people that any COVID-19 vaccination can be trusted.

FBI Foils SC Man’s ‘Netflix Worthy’ Terror Attack On U.S. Soil In Name Of ISIS

The FBI has foiled plans of a South Carolina man to conduct terrorist attacks on American soil on behalf of ISIS.
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