DeSantis: Biden ‘Needs To Take’ Colonial Pipeline Shut Down ‘Seriously’

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

During a Fox News interview on Thursday night, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that President Biden needs to take the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline seriously because it could further damage the economy.

“This is something that’s a very serious attack on critical infrastructure in our country,” DeSantis said. “This pipeline actually doesn’t touch Florida, but it does feed into many of our gas stations. So we declared a state of emergency, we’re lifting restrictions to be able to get more fuel into pumps.”

“But the Biden administration needs to take this seriously,” DeSantis added. “Their initial response is, oh, this is a private pipeline and just shrug your shoulders. This is important infrastructure for our country, and it could impact our economy greatly if they don’t respond.”

The concern that the Colonial Pipeline situation will damage the economy comes as more data details the extent Biden’s policies have already stunted economic growth. In April, the rate of inflation reached the highest level since the Great Recession, doubling the highest projection made by economists in a Bloomberg News survey.

Last week, the Colonial Pipeline was shut down by Russian hackers. Fox Business reported, “The 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which transports more than 100 million gallons of fuel per day, or almost half of the East Coast’s supply, was taken offline on Friday by a Russian hacking group called DarkSide that demanded $100 million ransom.”

“About 68% of gas stations in North Carolina reported fuel outages, according to Gas Buddy. Roughly half of the gas stations in Georgia, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., and Virginia also reported outages.”