Psaki On Inflation: But Airline Tickets Are Cheaper

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the soaring rate of inflation caused by President Biden’s policy to pay people to stay unemployed, insisting “we take inflation very seriously.”

“It is — as we looked and dug into the data — and we talked about this a little bit last week; some of this data is kind of fascinating, I’ll say — but is that, the economy is turning back on,” Psaki said. “We take inflation very seriously.  Our Secretary of Treasury, obviously, the Federal Reserve is in — responsible for monitoring it.”

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“But there are a number of factors, as the economy turns back on, including — there are areas like the cost of airline tickets where, you know, if you look back at pre-pandemic, they dropped by about 20 percent.  They are up about 10 percent since then. Right?” Psaki said. “So, there are — there are prices where the baseline was actually lower than it was prior to the pandemic, and that’s one of the things we’re seeing in the data.”

While doing her best to emulate Biden’s economic expertise, Psaki pointed out that, while the rate of inflation has reached the highest level in 13 years, the price of airline tickets are down. So, while Biden’s policies have forced the price of basic necessities to increase, Psaki has quelled the fears of Americans by letting them know they could fly around the country and see that they’re not alone in their Biden-induced struggles – inflation has hurt Americans across the country.

A recent report from the Labor Department detailed how the consumer price index had increased 0.8% from March to April, with gains in nearly every category. The increase in the rate of inflation was double the highest estimate made in a Bloomberg survey of economists. The increase represents an artificially increased demand from COVID-19 “stimulus” checks and increased unemployment benefits, combined with an artificially decreased supply from governments barring businesses from operating.

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