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Daniel Goldman, Fiona Hill Lie About Ukraine Interference in 2016 Election

So as the impeachment mob kicks into gear on Thursday morning, Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman, in a question to Fiona Hill, the onetime NSC...

Rep. Mike Turner Eviscerates Sondland and CNN

Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland affirmed that no one told him President Trump tied foreign aid. GOP Rep. Mike Turner questioned Sondland's answers...

‘Anonymous’ Author Admits Wanted to See ‘Trump’s Downfall’ New Book

It’s the anonymous voice heard ‘round the world. No one knows who the man is behind the infamous published attacks on President Trump, but...

Dems In Panic? Trump Says He May Accept Pelosi Invite To Testify

There is that old adage: Be careful what you wish for. On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to the Leftist State Media safe haven...

Rep. Stefanik OBLITERATES Adam Schiff to His Face

Rep. Elise Stefanik, emerged last week as a key figure on the Republican side of the House Intelligence Committee in the public impeachment hearings...

Trump the Fighter: A Meeting With the President in the Oval Office

Yesterday, the Democrats of the House struck out. Their star impeachment witnesses were duds who put on public display the utter arrogance of Washington...

Jim Jordan DESTROYS Dems’ Impeachment Narrative – “You’re Their Star Witness?”

Happen to catch some of yesterday's impeachment hearing? Because Jim Jordan absolutely obliterated the Dems' unhinged impeachment argument. During the exchange, Rep. Jordan quickly highlighted...

Adam Schiff Cuts Off GOP Congresswoman Who Brings up his ‘Parody’ of Trump-Zelensky Call

"Schifty" Adam Schiff interrupted Rep. Elise Stefanik during yesterday’s public hearing in the House impeachment inquiry after the Republican lawmaker tried to bring up...

Schiff Shut Down: Tries to Instruct Amb. William Taylor How to Answer

"Are you seriously interrupting our time." Adam Schiff interrupts Steve Castor, Minority Counsel, when he asks Amb. William Taylor about President Trump's concerns over...

Rep. Schiff’s Memorandum Is Last Ditch Effort Before Public Hearings Begin

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff makes one last attempt at steering the impeachment narrative before the first public testimonies begin tomorrow. In...

Latest news

BIDEN’S CRYSTAL BALL: ‘I’ll be dead and gone’ by 2020

Joe Biden predicted he wouldn’t make it past 2019, let alone be around long enough to run in the 2020 election. While addressing a Michigan Law School audience in April 1991, then-Senator Joe Biden was trying to emphasize the long-lasting power of the federal judicial body.

BLM Website Hoped No One Noticed They Deleted The Call For The Destruction Of The Nuclear Family

Black Lives Matter’s “what we believe' page has gotten enough scrutiny that it now appears Black Lives Matter may possibly consider it something of a liability and has taken it down.

FBI Foils SC Man’s ‘Netflix Worthy’ Terror Attack On U.S. Soil In Name Of ISIS

The FBI has foiled plans of a South Carolina man to conduct terrorist attacks on American soil on behalf of ISIS.

Feinstein, Schumer: Catholics Need Not Apply

Catholics Need Not Apply. Anti-Catholic bigotry in the Democratic Party is back in vogue. Once upon a time, anti-Catholic bigotry once ran rampant in the...

Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt Vice President In American History

As a new Senate report illustrates, and a small tidal wave of books and articles make clear, Biden stands out as the most corrupt vice president in American history. Considering that the country has had 48 vice presidents, that’s saying something.
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