Suspicious! Milwaukee Voting Wards Reported More Presidential Votes Than Registered Voters


The Milwaukee City Wire published an article with very troubling numbers identified in an analysis of results and Secretary of State files. In a nutshell, “seven City of Milwaukee voting wards reported more 2020 U.S. Presidential election votes than they had registered voters.”

For example, in a data graph from the Milwaukee County Clerk, voting ward 274 claimed it had 640 voters, but a whopping 688 votes for Biden, and 602 votes for Trump. That equates to a turnout percentage of 202%. Eight wards reported turnout percentages of 100% or higher, and over 80 wards reporting between 90-99% of voter turnout.

Wisconsin was one of the states where Trump was leading late on election night and early into Wednesday morning when a sudden and drastic shift occurred. Five of the wards which reported more votes than they had voters registered have very suspicious numbers. The Milwaukee City Wire Reports Joe Biden received “3,768 votes to Trump’s 2,883 – a margin of 885, or eight times what it was in 2016 when Trump earned 1,904 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 2,012.”

The City of Milwaukee reported a record turnout of 84 percent, saying “243,144 of 288,833 registered city voters cast a ballot” which analysts claim is a virtually impossible percentage. Even more suspicious, “Trump received 15 or fewer votes in 16 Milwaukee voting wards including a total 7,389 registered voters. Biden defeated him 5,217 to 151 in them.”

Of the 16 wards, the specific numbers are quite odd: Biden won “588 votes to Trump’s 10 in the 107th voting ward…it’s other two voting wards voted 411 to 14 and 968 to 33 for Biden – a grand total of 1,967 to 57.” In the 114th voting district, “Biden defeated Trump 334-6. In the 117th, in Borchert Field, Biden won 465-9.”

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