Poll Says 54% Of Americans Believe Burning Down Police Precinct is Justified


A new Monmouth University survey says that 54% of Americans believe that the burning down of a Minneapolis police precinct was partially or fully justified. Only 38% of respondents stated that the actions of the rioters were totally unjustified. One issue with the poll is that they asked respondents if “they thought the actions taken by protesters, including the burning of the precinct building, was fully justified, partially justified or not at all justified.”

By grouping the peaceful protesters with the rioters in this poll, it may have skewed the results. Still, with many in the media making excuses for the rioters and violence, it is possible that some are accepting the violence as an acceptable reaction to the tragic and wrongful death of George Floyd.

The poll was conducted from May 28 to June 1, and had 807 U.S. adults participate.

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