Goya, A&E, Fox And The Silent Majority’s Silent Revolution


Two headlines from recent events:

Goya Foods sales take off after liberal boycott
Democrats and Hollywood won’t buy Goya. But Americans are buying it in droves.

A&E’s viewership drops 49% after canceling ‘Live PD’ 

Hmmmm. Let’s put these stories together with some other headlines recently. Like these:

Fox News dominates May, trounces CNN as ‘Hannity’ finishes atop cable news 

Tucker Carlson Has Highest-Rated Program In Cable News History 

Emmys Ratings Fall to an Outrageously Bad All-Time Low

And then there was this headline from the fall of 2016, as the Hillary vs. Trump showdown was supposedly headed to a blowout for Hillary:

Kaepernick Effect? Falling ratings force NFL TV networks to give back free ads 

The pattern is clear – crystal clear. While the liberal media and left-wing political elites prattle on about polls – polls that were dead wrong in 2016 – there is real-time data out there that does in fact reflect what America’s “Silent Majority” is thinking. Call it the Silent Majority’s Silent Revolution.

Whether the subject is beans or a television reality show that follows police as they go about their job, the Silent Majority out there has made what they are thinking vividly clear. A liberal boycott against Goya – merely because the respectful CEO said something nice about President Trump at a celebration for the announcement of the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative? It produced a mammoth backfire that sent the sales of Goya products soaring.

When the lefty media elites who run A&E canceled Live PD – of a sudden A&E lost literally almost half – say again half! – of their ratings.

Add this to the soaring ratings for Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson over on Fox or the abysmally low ratings for the Hollywood liberals starring in the 2019 Emmy awards or the tanking of 2016’s NFL ratings in the wake of Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling for the national anthem routine? Not to mention adding to all of that the sight of the violence of arsonists, looters and the rest in Portland and Seattle and other Democrat-run cities?

What is in plain sight for those who choose to pay attention is a Silent Revolution by the Silent Majority. The Silent Majority being the average American who gets up every day and sets out to raise kids, pay the bills and put food on the table. Those Americans who watch rioters torching and looting cities and burning everything from black-owned-businesses to American flags.

For the Silent Majority, enough is more than enough. And so – quietly and in their own fashion – they make plain they have started their own Silent Rebellion. The Left targets Goya? The Silent Majority buys Goya en masse, sending sales through the roof. An A&E show is canceled to appease anti-police protestors? They stop watching A&E. More liberals using yet another Hollywood awards show to flout their anti-American politics? They stop watching. The NFL is going to put up with insults to the American flag and those who have died to keep it flying? Good-bye NFL TV ratings. And when they realize that Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are exactly addressing their concerns? They tune in.

The pattern is not hard to see.

And with 100 days or so to go until the 2020 election, Democrats and the liberal media and political elites are, as in 2016, utterly clueless about the Silent Majority’s Silent Revolution.

Of course they are.