ETHICS ALERT: Law Professor Karlan is a Warren Supporter

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She is just your basic professor of constitutional law.


In the charade that is the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment kangaroo court, Pamela S. Karlan is identified as the “Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law and Co-Director Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, Stanford Law School.”

Not mentioned in Professor Karlan’s bio information? This.

The Federal Election Commission lists one “Pamela Karlan” of “Stanford University” as having made two $500 contributions this very year to….wait for it…”Warren for President, Inc.”

Got that? The supposedly impartial Professor Karlan is, in reality, nothing more than an angry Elizabeth Warren supporter, using her job as a professor of constitutional law to hide the fact that she is, in fact, nothing more than a bitter, Trump-hating partisan.

ETHICS ALERT: Law Professor Karlan is a Warren Supporter 1
A copy of Prof. Karlan’s donations to Warren’s campaign

The irony is thick. There she sits at the witness table being questioned by the Committee “counsel – one Norm Eisen. And who is Norm Eisen? He is a former Obama White House Counsel and Ambassador to the Czech Republic. And…wait for it….Eisen is the founder of CREW, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. In which role he served as a lawyer in not one but two legal attacks in federal courts on the President, one in New York (CREW v. Trump) and the other in Maryland (D.C. and Maryland v. Trump.)

Got that phrase in the title of Eisen’s group CREW – “Responsibility and Ethics in Washington”?

So exactly how ethical is it for Professor Kahn’s role as a two-time contributor not to be noted by Norm Eisen? And by the Professor herself?

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Make no mistake. This proceeding is nothing more than a left-wing lynch mob hell-bent on putting a noose around a duly elected president’s political neck. It is on its face unethical – the denial of due process for a President at the hands of bitter political opponents masquerading as un-biased, above-it-all constitutional experts.

These aren’t “constitutional experts.” They are a joke.

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