Hey Dems, While You’re Trying to ‘Impeach Before Christmas’ Migrants are Paying Mexican Cartels to Enter Our Country

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All of capitol hill is being weighed down by this ridiculous notion that Democrats could oust President Trump as a Christmas gift to themselves. Whether fighting for impeachment or having to spend time and energy to negate the ridiculous impeachment claims, our nation is at a standstill. The position Democrats have put us in is detrimental to national security.

For instance, Air and Marine Operations (AMO) apprehended two boats within hours filled with migrants and human smugglers; two of the smugglers were U.S. citizens. Horrifically, the first was only ONE mile off the coast of California. As reported by Breitbart, U.S. Coast Guard officials alerted U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Operations (AMO) about a suspicious boat. When AMO “intercepted the vessel, agents found 21 people aboard. The agents transported the occupants of the boat to U.S. Border Patrol agents for processing.”

Four of the passengers were human smugglers, two of which were U.S. citizens: a 39-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman. The remaining passengers were migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally and ranged in ages from 19-59. “Just over 12 hours later, an AMO Multi-Role Enforcement Aircraft observed a panga about 13 miles off the California coast.” When attempts were made to intercept the boat, the 14 occupants fled the scene. Impressively, U.S. Border Patrol agents were able to apprehend 13 of the migrants after a search was conducted.

Meanwhile, over in Del Rio, Texas “agents have carried out at least 470 rescues of migrants in life-threatening distress” out of a shocking 4,900 rescued during the 2019 fiscal year. In an exclusive interview with Del Rio Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Brady Waikel, Breitbart News learned harrowing details. “Nothing crosses the river in this area without a payment” to Mexican cartels said Agent Waikel. “When you’re talking about people coming across and being rescued and when you’re talking about deaths [while] crossing the border…those transnational organizations- that’s the cause of all of that.”

So while Democrats are trying to wrap impeachment up in shiny paper and a bow to put under the Christmas tree, our border agents are keeping them safe, the American people safe, and even migrants paying off Mexican cartels, safe.

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