Don’t Blame Biden! Former Veep Says Staff Didn’t Warn Him Of Son’s Ukraine Conflict

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that being the son of the Vice President of the United States comes with some perks, such as, access to the Vice President of the United States and his senior level colleagues. Somehow, that fact evaded former Vice President Joe Biden when his son became a board member of a Ukrainian energy company while he was in office.

Don’t blame Joe though, he was just too busy being number two in the world’s most powerful government. No, it was his trusty staff who let him down. “They should have told me” says Biden. Although Biden has staunchly defended his son and insisting that neither he nor his son did anything wrong, suddenly he admits someone “should have told” him.

If everything was “kosher” then what is Biden admitting his staff should have cautioned him against? “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that” Biden told NPR on Monday. “The appearance looked bad and it gave folks like Rudy Giuliani an excuse to come up with a Trumpian kind of defense, while they were violating the Constitution” added Biden.

Biden’s statement is counterintuitive. He is simply admitting it “looked bad” and while referring to the incident as “an excuse” it is actually justification. When something looks bad, particularly by a former Vice President who wants to become the next President, anything he did that “looked bad” should be investigated. Biden then throws in a big punch such as violating the Constitution, without any justification or support to back his claim.

Let’s bring in another blast from the past. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who just endorsed Biden for President, “also claimed following a Biden campaign event Sunday that he ‘had no knowledge’ of Hunter’s involvement with Burisma while he was secretary” reported Fox News. If only we could believe this statement, but we have good reason not to. The Washington Examiner discovered that John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, who was business partners with Hunter Biden at one time, notified “two of Kerry’s aides after Hunter Biden became a Burisma board member.”

The Washington Examiner mentioned an email “from Heinz to Kerry’s aides” which “distanced Heinz from Burisma, saying ‘there was no investment by our firm in their company,’ and claiming ignorance as to why Hunter became involved in the Ukrainian firm.” Perhaps Kerry will blame his aides for not alerting him on the matter as well. How fascinating that four powerful men and colleagues, even elated to each other, were unaware of such global dealings.