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Dishonest Joe: Hunter Has “Done Nothing but Good His Whole Life”

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#a60000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]Crazy Uncle Joe Biden went on The View yesterday and made the absurd claim that his son, Hunter, has done nothing but good things his entire life. It is understandable that any parent sees the good in their child, but this claim makes Pinocchio envious:

Biden: “[N]obody has said he’s done anything wrong. This is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son, and ran a food program U.S.A, a whole range of things but look, it’s — it’s what it is. We knew it was going to be ugly.”

Just as a reminder for the former vice president, who has had some major memory issues in the last decade, here are a few not-so-great things your son has done:

#1 He got kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine.

#2 He had an affair with his deceased brothers’ widow.

#3 He cheated on his brother’s widow with a stripper who he impregnated.

#4 He refused to pay child support to the stripper who he impregnated.

#5 He took a job at Burisma knowing he was not qualified for the position. It might not have been illegal according to some, but it was not a good thing for him to do.

#6 He returned a rental car with white powder and a possible crack pipe in it. (Other items found in the car included a Delaware Attorney General badge, a secret service business card, a driver’s license, and credit cards.)

#7 In his divorce papers, his ex-wife claimed he spent extravagantly on his own interests which included: prostitutes, gifts for women that he was having sex with, strip clubs, drugs, and alcohol.

#8 He accepted various crony positions that were likely based on nepotism and not merit. Some examples include him being on the board of Amtrak, and his consulting position with MBNA.

#9 He accepted an investment of a reported $1.5 billion from the National Bank of China while on an official trip with his father, Vice President Joe Biden.

Everyone makes mistakes in his or her life, but for #QuidProJoe Biden to act as if his son is a saint is simply disingenuous.

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