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Sanders’ Socialist Supporters Make Demands: Topless

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]Generally protesting is saved for people who, well, are in protest of something. Not Bernie Sanders’ followers, although frankly, we don’t expect much from a ‘Feel the Bern’ fan. Several women stormed the stage of the presidential hopeful topless. That’s right, topless, as in no clothing on the top half of the body. One of the females began her protest saying, “Bernie, I’m your biggest supporter.” But no, she was not throwing herself at the Senator.

We don’t expect much from Sanders supporters and are not surprised at all that they stormed the candidate despite him being their favored candidate. Standard Sanders’ socialist followers, the nude ladies were there to tell the candidate that they needed more. Now it all makes sense as to why he is their favorite. Initially, the woman stormed the podium, grabbed a microphone and in addition to saying she was his “biggest supporter” she added “and I’m here to ask you to stop propping up the dairy industry and to stop propping up animal agriculture. I believe in you” she said.

Sanders Topless Protesters

How did the candidate and his team react? “A visibly irritated Sanders yanked the mic away. The woman then grabbed another mic on the podium” reported Fox News. That’s no way to treat someone who is your “biggest fan” Bern. His campaign was also less than supportive and immediately cut her mic off. Reportedly “several other women- at least two of whom were topless- joined the first woman on stage. The group threw various liquids on the podium and around the stage before security intervened” said Fox. Sanders immediately exited the stage.

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