Young Journalist Covering Protests in Cuba Taken on Live Television by State Police

For all those in the U.S. touting Communism because they have the freedom to express their asinine ideals freely in America due to the fact that our values are the exact antithesis to Communism need to pay attention to this.  Maybe, just maybe, it will resonate.

A young journalist and YouTube personality have been covering the protests in Cuba, and as a result, she was picked up by the Cuban police during a live television appearance. Is that what Bernie Sanders and his followers think should happen in the United States?

Dina Stars was discussing the protests during an appearance on Spain’s Cuatro TV when she had to stop the interview and announce the state police were at her door and she needed to go see what was going on.

Another guest panelist worried aloud she was about to be arrested on live television. When Stars left to tend to the police, her camera was left with a friend who attempted to capture the situation without endangering herself in the process by recording the incident.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whose own parents fled Cuba for the United States before he was born, tweeted the news footage from his account. “Independent journalist @Dinastars_ was live on the air today with a tv station in Spain when Cuban regime state security entered her home & ask that she come with them” tweeted Rubio alongside the video.

Rubio is not alone in his concern. The Acting Assistant Secretary for the Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Julie Chung, wrote, “The world is watching Cuban authorities arrest & beat dozens of peaceful protesters & independent voices, including @DinaStars_. Many remain missing; we join their families & call for their immediate release. The repression must end, and the people’s voices must be heard.”

During the TV appearance, the host remains live on air as the friend tries to film Star’s discussion with the police. Eventually, Stars returns to her camera and tells the tv host “they’re taking me to police HQ” then bravely states, “live via Spain, I will hold the [Cuban] government responsible that may happen to me.”  “I have to go now.”

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