We Are Mad At China, But Hunter Biden Is Not; Still Board Member of Chinese Company

Obama and Bidens

China is a sensitive subject right now, but the reality is the coronavirus has only made the public aware of the problems it presents; Trump, however, has been warning us for years. As information comes to light about how China mishandled the virus, public opinion has shifted and sees China for what it is. There is one exception; the Biden family. Joe Biden, who has been critical of President Trump’s handling of the spread of the virus and hopes to be the next President of the United States is blowing hot air.


In October, Hunter Biden pledged to resign from the board of the Chinese private equity firm that was paying him ungodly amounts of money as a “sign of his integrity.” The integrity of the Biden clan could not be clearer. Hunter Biden’s lawyer told the Daily Caller last November that Hunter had followed through on his promise and resigned from the firm. Conveniently, no evidence could be provided.

The former vice president himself released a statement about how proud he was of his son: “The statement my son put out today, which I saw when he put it out – I was told it was going to be put out, I did not consult with him about what’s being put out – in fact, represents the kind of man of integrity he is.”

On Tuesday of this week, many months after both Hunter and his lawyer declared Hunter’s moral high ground, Chinese business records show that Hunter Biden is in fact still a member of the board of directors at Burisma. Oh, and he also retains a 10% equity stake in the company. The Daily Caller reported on the matter and notes that Burisma manages “the equivalent to $2.1 billion in assets.”

It was 2013 that Hunter Biden weaseled his way onto the board and “had arranged for then-Vice President Joe Biden to shake hands with the CEO of BHR in December 2013, a meeting that caused some White House advisors to worry whether the younger Biden was exposing his father to criticism, The New Yorker reported.” It’s time for Democrats to think twice about the morality of the entire Biden family as they gear up to attempt to put Biden Sr. in the White House.