Pennsylvanians Set To Protest Lockdown

Calls to ‘reopen Pennsylvania’ from coronavirus lockdown are steadily getting louder
People take part in a protest for "Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine" at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan

So from right here at home, Penn Live, the online version of the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the state capital newspaper, is this headline:

‘An act of survival’? Calls to ‘reopen Pennsylvania’ from coronavirus lockdown are steadily getting louder

The story by reporter Matt Miller says, in part, this:

“How frayed has the patience of Pennsylvanians become after weeks under a government ordered lockdown due to the coronavirus?

We might find out on Monday.

At noon on that day, an array of groups who are bashing Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 quarantine and business closure orders as overreaching, unnecessarily broad and harmful to a tottering economy are vowing to rally outside the now-empty Capitol complex.

They say they will be driving around, honking their horns to show their displeasure.

…One of the organizers of Pennsylvania’s planned rally, Matt Bellis, founder of ReOpen PA, had this to say when he appeared on the Wendy Bell talk radio show on KDKA earlier this week.

“We can no longer live under a lockdown,” Bellis said. “We need to do everything we can to reasonably and responsibly reopen the state…We can’t hamper the economy anymore.”

As of Friday, Bellis’ group listed more than 26,000 members on Facebook. Thousands of others have signed on with the other sponsors of Monday’s planned rally, including End the Lockdown PA and Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine.”

In other words? As in Michigan, the pressure is on the Democrat governor – Tom Wolf here in Pennsylvania – to act.

Whatever else Pennsylvanians may think of the state’s notoriously liberal governor, being quick to respond to criticism is not one of his problems. The Miller story was first posted at 11:01 on Friday morning. By 2:19 pm, the story had been slotted down a notch to make way for this front-page headline

Gov. Tom Wolf unveils 6-point plan for reopening Pa.; here’s his list

This story by reporter Greg Pickel began this way:

“Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled the key criteria of his plan for reopening Pennsylvania amid the coronavirus pandemic on Friday.

A six-point plan was outlined during a televised address, but Wolf provided no timetable for when they could start taking place. He added that more specifics will be forthcoming next week.”

What are the “six points”? In brief they these:

1. A “data-driven approach”

2. “Guidance and recommendations for employers, individuals, and healthcare facilities” as reopening proceeds.

3. A requirement to make sure  “adequate personal protective equipment and testing are available.”

4. A “monitoring and surveillance program that allows the Commonwealth to deploy swift actions for containment or mitigation if it’s necessary.”

5. “Limitations on visitors to congregate at care facilities and prisons.”

6. “Limitations when large gatherings unrelated to occupations should remain in place for the duration of the reopening process.”

What does the Wolf plan really mean? It really means that the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – like their counterparts in Michigan – are not simply getting restless, they are getting increasingly infuriated at the governor’s lockdown of the state.

The day before all of this spilled out into the open, President Trump was out with his own re-opening guidelines that specifically said the individual 50 state governors could re-open their states when they feel the time is right.

Now the pressure is on Governor Wolf – from his own citizens – to get on the ball.

So come Monday we will see what happens in the middle of Harrisburg where a now empty State Capitol building sits.

Stay tuned.


  1. No One Important 18 April, 2020 at 10:31

    These governors must start to open up their states.

    You can’t keep people locked up indefinitely, decimating their lives and livelihoods.

    People are waiting for hours in line for food hand outs, not knowing how to feed their families.

    Eventually, if Governors DON’T start to open their states, there will be civil unrest. You can’t keep normally self-reliant people hungry/desperate for long.

  2. Edward J. Letkiewicz Jr. 18 April, 2020 at 11:11

    The idiot governor closed the liquor stores. He should be impeached for that alone. We have an anti-free market State Store system and it is horrible. If you are treated badly at the store there is no “other” store to go to, they have a monopoly. There is a lot of stupid democrats in this state, mostly in the cities, that elected this sorry excuse for a human being.

  3. Charles Bundy 19 April, 2020 at 09:46

    We are NOT gonna just sit at home and watch everything we have worked hard all our lives for be taken away.

    99.9% of us will weather through this. lets not destroy 15 million lives so grandma will have a couple more years.

  4. JOAN''S TIKI HUT 19 April, 2020 at 15:32

    I am a past resident of PA for over 70 years! This is stupid! Also closing down the State Liquor Stores? Are they crazy? Pa need the revenue. You just drove everyone in Pa to buy Liquor in Md, NJ, and other states! No common sense. I now live in Fl and Thank God for Trump!

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