Twitter Suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for ‘platform manipulation’


According to a report from Shani Hussain of the Los Angeles Times, Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing ‘platform manipulation’.

Bloomberg’s campaign has been experimenting with a wide range of strategies to form a large online following or at least create the appearance of one.

However, one such strategy — deploying a large number of Twitter accounts to push out identical messages — hasn’t gone they way Mayor Mike had planned. Yesterday, Twitter suspended 70 accounts posting pro-Bloomberg content in a pattern that violates the social media company’s rules.

“We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam,” a Twitter spokesman said. Some of the suspensions will be permanent, while in other cases account owners will have to verify they have control of their accounts.

Source: The Los Angeles Times