Historic Number of GOP Candidates Running for Office to Stop Socialists

In 2019 alone, 781 Republicans filed federal paperwork to run for the House, the most ever recorded in an odd year at the Federal Election Commission.

Given the fact that there is even any support at all for Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda has got both Republicans and Democrats on edge. Proof of fear that such a possible diversion from what makes America the country that it is can be seen through the number of candidates filing paperwork to run for office. National Republican Congressional Committee Spokesman Michael McAdams says “it has a record number of House candidates this cycle, including the biggest slate of women, driven to office by ‘Democrats’ insane socialist agenda and obsessive efforts to remove President Trump” reports Fox News.

Federal Election Commission data on the number of candidates who filed shows an uptick in “GOP candidates is happening in diverse corners in America, including plenty of competitive primaries for vacant seats in red districts and even a slate of Republican contenders running long-shot bids in safely blue districts.”

Fox News exclusively obtained the latest federal candidate and financial activity report which shows a breaking of last cycle’s “history-making numbers.” However, “unlike the 2018 midterms when the surge was driven by Democrats, the congressional boom this time is on the Republican side” the document suggests. Specific numbers include that in 2019 alone, 781 Republicans filed federal paperwork to run for the House.

Marjorie Green

Marjorie Green

Through interviews of several Republican candidates nationwide, Fox News says the GOP feels the momentum is “on their side this time.” Trump’s impeachment battle has resulted in “congressional hopefuls” who are “making the case that Trump needs a fighter like them in the House or else the country will succumb to ‘socialist’ Democratic plans.”

Marjorie Greene first-time GOP congressional candidate running for an open seat in Georgia’s 14th district was in part motivated because she was “tired of seeing my president attacked every day…I’m tired of seeing our future threatened. I’m tired of seeing my children’s future extremely threatened, and it’s time to get off the bench and really step up to the plate.”

Greene says it’s time to “stand up to tyrannical socialist Democrats” and defeat progressives such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the freshman squad. Ocasio-Cortez was elected to Congress in 2018, becoming the youngest female ever elected. Her naivety and far left progressive tactics and rhetoric has led to a dozen candidates filing federal paperwork to run against her in New York’s 14th district. Eight of the twelve are Republicans desperate to beat the socialists trying to change America’s blood one seat at a time.

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  1. marijooneill 23 February, 2020 at 09:40

    It’s time that these REPUBLICANS step up to face these LYING DEMOCRATS.who have tried everything they could to DESTROY our PRESIDENT and this COUNTRY. It hasn’t worked so far, but it won’t stop. We cannot have a Bernie Sanders, or any of the others running. We the people need to fight back at the BALLOT box. We must take back the House, and get more Republicans in the Senate. This is not just a fight for Presidrnt but a fight to save our COUNTRY from the people who HATE AMERICA. If you watched any of the last debate, listening to Sanders, who hates Capitalism and wants to give every one FREE STUFF. BIDEN who doesn’t know what State he is in.

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