The Wrong-Way Washington Post Inadvertently Admits Trump Saved Over 900,000 Lives From Virus

Donald Trump

His name was Douglas Corrigan. It was 1938, and he was an American aviator of the day. After arriving in New York from Long Beach, California, Corrigan filed a flight plan for his return from New York to California.

His flight plan filed, Corrigan took off from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn and took off for California. Alas, he landed in….Ireland. By mistake, went the tale. And instantly Corrigan was famous as “Wrong Way Corrigan” – the man who was supposed to be flying across the continental United States to California but mistakenly – cloud cover, you know – wound up flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland.

Wrong-Way Corrigan comes to mind as The Washington Post, serious Hate Trump Media – sets out to blame President Trump for the (thus far) 176,816 coronavirus deaths in America.

But like Wrong Way Corrigan, The Post has already put itself out there with a prediction that proves exactly the opposite of what it intended.

On March 19th of this year The Post predicted this for 2020:

“In the worst-case scenario, America is on a trajectory toward 1.1 million deaths.”

As this is written this last week of August, Fox News reports that there have thus far been 176,816 thousand deaths in the United States from the COVID virus since the virus first arrived in America in January.

Doing the math? Subtract the actual 176,816 deaths from The Post prediction of 1.1 million deaths – and that means there has been no “worst-case scenario” and that the Trump administration’s relentless efforts to control the spread of the virus has in fact saved the lives of 923,184 Americans.

Will The Washington Post now do what Wrong Way Corrigan was forced to do? Corrigan obviously had to admit that he had unintentionally gone in completely the opposite direction from what he had intended and landed in Ireland and not California. Will The Post admit that the “worst-case scenario” they predicted of 1.1 million deaths was wildly wrong and in fact, the opposite occurred? Which means that the Trump administration and the task force led by Vice President Mike Pence did in fact prevent that “worst-case scenario” from happening?

Not a prayer.

Instead, The Wrong Way Washington Post will just pretend that Ireland is California.

And hope nobody notices.

Unfortunately for The Wrong Way Post, I know the difference between California and Ireland. And most Americans do too.

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