The Cancel Culture Turns On Howard Stern

Howard Stern

Ya just can’t make this stuff up. So there is now-Trump hater shock-jock, Howard Stern, on The View saying this to host Sunny Hostin, as reported by Mediaite: “….I didn’t use the n-word. Let’s be very clear.”

And then this video surfaces of Stern doing exactly what he denied doing, which is also linked in the same story at Mediaite. And as Mediaite correctly says: “The video is extremely offensive and NSFW.”  It is.

Filmmaker Tariq Nasheed posted this video, alternating Stern’s appearance on The View with his offensive blackface routine in which he spews the n-word.  Doubtless, with a sense of amused irony, Donald Trump Jr. made sure to retweet the Stern-in-blackface routine, which had Stern spluttering that Trump’s father and son need to go into “psychotherapy and change.”

With the old video surfaced, suddenly Trump-hater Stern found the Left Wing Cancel Culture coming after – him.

Which, of course, is the real point here. When the Left is out there targeting Fox’s Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh or some other conservative media figure, it is clear that they have never realized that eventually, the Cancel Culture will come – for one of their own.

Now it has.

And not to put too fine a point on it, the only thing that should take Howard Stern or anyone else off the air is their ratings or lack thereof.

Maybe now Howard gets it.