Space Force General: China Is A ‘Tremendous Threat’ And We ‘Need To Adapt’ To ‘Outpace Them’

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During a Fox News interview on Sunday, General David Thompson, Vice Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force, explained that the U.S. is still “the best in the world in space” but that China is a “tremendous threat” and we “need to adapt” if we want to “keep pace and outpace them.”

“China is a tremendous threat,” Thompson said. “Now, I don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion that they will be the leader in space by the end of the decade, but they’re on an incredible pace. We are still the best in the world in space. Our capabilities are the best in the world in space, but they’re moving aggressively, they’re moving quickly, and we need to adapt our approach. We need to adapt what we do and how we do it in order to keep pace and outpace them. But they are a threat. They can threaten us kinetically.”

According to Thompson, China has “robots in space that conduct attacks” and “they can conduct jamming attacks and laser dazzling attacks.”

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked Thompson if China could get to a point where they could “take out U.S. sensors and thereby have a first strike offensive capability.”

“I would say that’s a potential,” Thompson responded.

“That’s one of the reasons the Space Force was created, to understand that threat, to design tactics and techniques, to design counters to that threat, to design a system that provides for intelligence collection and awareness and understanding,” he added. “So that just as we do in other domains, we know their capabilities, we know their tactics, we know their systems, and we create counters. And it’s our job in the Space Force to ensure, should they propose to attack us with something like a space robot or other things, we have counter measures, we have tactics, and we have means to employ to prevent that attack from being successful.”

Thompson’s comments come after “China successfully launched a missile that circled the globe before striking a target,” Politico reported, adding that “Russia also launched a hypersonic missile from a warship in the Arctic this week, underscoring how quickly Washington, D.C.’s two primary competitors are racing ahead in this technology.”

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