Rebranding Aunt Jemima ‘Trying To Erase’ My ‘Family History’ Says Great-Grandson

Aunt Jemima

Last week, the mega food company Quaker Oats made the announcement that they would be changing the branding for one of their most noticeable brands, Aunt Jemima. The woman who appears on the pancake mix boxes and syrup bottles is African American, and as a hugely warm and inviting smile on her face. In the age of Black Lives Matter and race riots in the streets, the food brand decided somehow, they were doing their part in the cause by pulling the friendly and memorable Aunt Jemima products from shelves.

As we see all too often today, the politically correct police are winning over reason. Not only is there no reason to remove this woman’s image from the packaging, it’s actually insulting to do so. Larnell Evans Sr. told the Chicago Patch about his great-grandmother, Anna Short Harrington, who has been the face of Aunt Jemima since 1935.

“She worked for that Quaker Oats for 20 years. She traveled all the way around the United States and Canada making pancakes as Aunt Jemima for them.” Evans Sr. is a Marine Corps veteran, and said of his great-grandmother, “this woman served all those people, and it was after slavery. She worked as Aunt Jemima. That was her job.”

What the racial political police are doing is actually robbing this woman and her family of her accomplishments and hard work. “How do you think I feel as a Black man sitting here telling you about my family history they’re trying to erase?” Well, rioters, Quaker Oats, PC Police, and those trodden with ‘white guilt’ how do you feel?

How do you feel that you are knowingly erasing a Black man’s proud family history? How do you feel trying to erase two decades of the hard work of a black woman who overcame the racism of the thirties to make a living? Not only that, Harrington accomplished the nearly impossible task of becoming a beloved face on a household item in every home in America. But sure, take that away from her and her family, because no one cares about Black Lives more than those who say how awful Black lives are while simultaneously taking away the good things they already have. It’s shameful.