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Pensacola Naval Air Station Sends Home 21 Saudi Trainees After December Terror Attack Investigation

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]Investigations into the December 6th shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida have determined it was an act of terrorism. Saudi Air Force officer Mohammed Alshamrani opened fire and killed three U.S. sailors and injured an additional eight. The killings opened up a wider concern as to the training of foreign students in American military programs, and potential shortcomings in how cadets are screened and accepted.

Alshamrani was “motivated by jihadist ideology, visited the 9/11 memorial and posted anti-US and anti-Israel remarks“ only hours before his murder spree, according to the Times Of Israel. Let’s not forget that Apple refused to help authorities unlock the terrorist’s phone after the attack. Attorney General William Barr said not only was this an act of terrorism but that the terrorist’s motivations were reminiscent of the September 11th attacks.

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In an effort to avoid further damage while assessing how the terrorist fell through the cracks, the United States sent home 21 Saudi born military students. Frighteningly, “the trainees who were removed had jihadist or anti-American sentiments on social media pages or had ‘contact with child pornography,’ including in internet chat rooms” reported the Times Of Israel.

Although the specific students are not believed that have had knowledge or been involved in the December 6th attack, the Justice Department reviewed whether any of the men should face charges, but Barr concluded they did not meet federal prosecution standards. Attorney General Barr said, “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave complete and total support for our counter-terrorism investigation and ordered all Saudi trainees to fully cooperate.”

Times Of Israel noted that the United States is attempting to salvage and preserve the “training of pilots from Saudi Arabia, an important ally in the Middle East.” Barr added that the Saudi Kingdom gave complete support to the investigation and “has agreed to review the conduct of all 21 to see if they should face military discipline and send back anyone the U.S. later determines should face charges.”

Regardless of support from Saudi Arabia or any nation, the heart of the matter needs to be addressed. How did Alshamrani and the additional students who were sent back, make their way into an elite United States flight training program? Officials said “Alshamrani hosted a party before the shooting, where he and others watched videos of mass shootings” and traveled repeatedly back and forth to Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Furthermore, he was blatantly obvious about his anti-American sentiments. On twitter, Alshamrani criticized the U.S. for being “anti-Muslim” and for its support of Israel. That “anti-Muslim” nonsense he spoke of allowing him to be trained by our resources, on our soil, and to kill our men.

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