Oakland Mayor Victimized By BLM Vandals She Supported; Turns To The Police She Did Not

Oakland Mayor

Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf just received a hard dose of reality about the Black Lives Matter movement. Mayor Schaaf has been vocal about defending the protesters in all their glory; looting, rioting, destruction and all. Additionally, she has joined the movement’s mass mentality and supports defunding the police.

Despite her kinship, the Black Lives Matter activists extended her the same courtesy as they did all other personal property. They vandalized her home.  Spray painted messages on her stone walls read “wake up Libby” and other slogans associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Must have been a shock for the Mayor to be told she, in fact, is not “woke.”

“Take responsibility now,” and “blood on your hands” were amongst the words left by vandals on her driveway. One sentence suggested the Mayor’s home was on “stolen land.” Schaaf has publicly supported the movement and its focus on defunding the police, all in the name of combating institutional racism.

Libby Schaaf
Libby Schaaf

Citizen Free Press notes just last month Schaaf “gave open approval to a Black Lives Matter art display on public property.” The “art” consisted of calls to “Defund Oakland Police Department,” “cancel rent,” and “homes for all.” A spokesman for the Mayor said the attack was “designed to intimidate the Mayor and strike fear into her family.”

Fortunately for Schaaf, despite her best efforts, the police department is not only still in existence but also investigating the incident. Schaaf spokeswoman Johnna Watson said “we can confirm there is an open investigation, investigators will be looking for video surveillance, witnesses and any other additional investigation information. At this time no arrests have been made.” Oh, the hypocrisy; will Mayor Libby Schaaf be bailing them out of jail as well?

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