MLB Hypocrisy On Voter ID’s Outted


Well well well. Isn’t this interesting.  Major League Baseball is in full woke high dudgeon over the passage of a Georgia voting law that, contrary to the wild allegations of the Left actually makes voting easier while making cheating harder. The law has the audacity to require either a driver’s license or a free-from-the-government photo ID that can be presented when Georgia residents go to vote. And oh yes, over thirty other states have the same voting requirement.

But the MLB threw an ostentatious tantrum and summarily removed this summer’s All-Star game from Atlanta. The use of presenting an ID to vote is, you see, racist. The revival of Jim Crow. And who cares about all those black-owned businesses in Atlanta who would have benefited from the presence of the All-Star Game in their neighborhood.

Ahhhh. But wait. As revealed by Fox News, just who else demands a photo ID? That would be none other than the MLB itself. Here’s what Fox headlined:

MLB requires photo ID to pick up tickets from Will Call, but boycotts Georgia for voter ID law
South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace called the league out on Twitter

The story as reported begins this way:

Major League Baseball responded to calls to boycott the state of Georgia over a controversial new voter-ID law by moving the All-Star game out of the Peach State.

But teams still require fans to show photo ID to pick up their tickets from the Will Call booth.  South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace called the league out on Twitter.

“Hey @MLB, this you?” she wrote, along with a screenshot of the Will Call policy at mlb.com

The league did not respond to multiple requests for an explanation of its photo ID policy for ticket retrieval.”

Got that? Baseball requires a photo ID “to pick up their tickets from the Will Call booth.”

Which, applying the MLB’s own new idea that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist, means that the MLB itself is ‘fessing up to serious racism when it comes to picking up Will Call tickets.

And oh yes. There’s more.

Not long ago there was also this headline on Fox about the MLB.

 MLB boycotts Georgia, signs new deal with Chinese firm that dropped NBA over exec’s Hong Kong support
The MLB signed a streaming deal with China’s Tencent Wednesday

This jewel of a story about the oh-so woke MLB showed that when it came to earning a buck in China, well, who cares about racial discrimination or basic human rights? The story reports:

“Major League Baseball is protesting a democratically passed Georgia voting law while bolstering ties with a Communist Party-backed Chinese company that cracked down on an NBA executive who supported the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

…But the MLB signed a deal with Tencent Wednesday, one of China’s largest tech companies.
It’s one of the Chinese firms that briefly dropped NBA games in 2019 after former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey publicly voiced support for pro-democracy protesters facing a Beijing-backed crackdown in Hong Kong.

….Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio slammed the move.

‘@MLB caves to pressure & moves draft & #AllStarGame out of Georgia on the same week they announce a deal with a company backed by the genocidal Communist Party of #China,’ he tweeted. ‘Why are we still listening to these woke corporate hypocrites on taxes, regulations & anti-trust?’”

As if this hypocrisy from the MLB isn’t enough to choke the entire fleet of horses at the Kentucky Derby, recall this about the MLB’s partner, as reported here at USA Today:

The US says China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs. Here’s some of the most chilling evidence.

The story says:

“The U.S. and China are engaged in an increasingly intense confrontation over Beijing’s human rights record – exchanging near-daily salvos over allegations Xi Jinping’s government is committing genocide against the Uyghur people.

The State Department announced new sanctions last week against two Chinese officials it said were directly involved in abuses against the Uyghurs, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he would consider banning Chinese imports made by the Uyghurs with forced labor. At his first solo news conference, President Joe Biden vowed to be “unrelenting” in calling attention to China’s human rights abuses.

The Biden administration formalized its accusations that China has engaged in ‘genocide and crimes against humanity’ on Tuesday as part of an annual State Department human rights report. The document cites Beijing’s ‘mass detention’ of the Uyghurs, as well as evidence of forced sterilization, rape, torture and forced labor.”

Then there was this delicious call-out of hypocrisy, again from Senator Rubio, as he asked this of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. The headline in The Hill:

Rubio asks MLB commissioner if he’ll give up Augusta golf club membership

The story says:

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Monday sent a letter to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred asking if Manfred would give up his membership at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club in the wake of the league’s decision to pull the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to protest Georgia’s controversial new voting law.

Rubio took a personal shot at the head of MLB after Manfred said the decision to pull the All-Star Game and the MLB Draft from Georgia was ‘the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.’

‘I write to ask you whether you intend to maintain your membership at Augusta National Golf Club. As you are well aware, the exclusive members-only club is located in the State of Georgia,’ Rubio wrote to Manfred.”

So let’s sum up, shall we?

– Major League Baseball has moved the All-Star game out of Georgia because it passed, in democratic fashion, a law that requires a photo ID to vote – the very same requirement the MLB uses to allow fans to pick up the league’s Will Call tickets.

– While the MLB is moving the All-Star Game to protest the use of voter ID it is making a deal with a Chinese firm that has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, a firm that dropped the NBA over a team executive’s support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

– The Chinese company that the MLB has signed up with is indeed backed, according to the US government – the Biden Administration no less – says has committed “genocide and crimes against humanity” in its treatment of the Uyghurs.”

– And oh yes. The Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred, is apparently hanging on to his membership in the Augusta National Golf Club in the very state of Georgia that he feels is too racist to host the All-Star Game.

Any one of these woke hypocrisies is a disgrace in and of itself. But without doubt, the Commissioner of Baseball and his woke cronies have disgraced the sport of baseball. Indelibly staining America’s beloved pastime as nothing more than a festival of hypocrisy.

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