Mark Levin Nails It On Hannity

Levin Hannity
Mark Levin on 'Hannity'

Mark Levin appeared on Hannity Thursday night and in his inimitable style knocked it out of the park.

On a day when the Bernie Sanders take over of the Democrat’s platform was announced, with Biden surrendering to the socialists he had (barely)managed to defeat, Mark made the following observations:

  • Biden has surrounded himself with radical kooks, and the Democratic Party is dealing with a growing anti-Semitic movement in its ranks, with anti-Americanism at its core.
  • Biden’s pals at the University of Delaware are hiding his Senate records that were donated to the University years ago and not opened to the public.
  • The Supreme Court is “tyrannical” and “has done more damage to the Constitution” than the left-wing rioters in the last few months.
  • The Court’s decision to let every “podunk prosecutor”  rummage through the President’s extensive taxes is nothing more than giving a weapon to partisans who want to rummage through them for political purposes.
  • Democrats in Congress didn’t want to rummage through Obama or Bill Clinton’s taxes or Biden’s either. Why is Trump being targeted? Because he is the first president to come directly from the private sector as opposed to having spent his entire career in public office.
  • The Obamas, Clintons, Biden, Gore become millionaires selling their prior offices for big bucks. Trump, who made his billions before he ran for office, gives up his presidential salary for charity. Congress is supposed to have legislative oversight – not spend their time investigating a president’s finances. Justice Alito was right that a local prosecutor can’t indict a president – so what does he want his tax returns for in the first place? The answer: Politics.
  • He blasted Congress and prosecutors for trying to get at “non-disclosure” agreements Trump had over the years., wondering how many existed in the offices of the prosecutors trying to get to Trump’s finances.
  • The Obama administration attempted a “coup” against the Trump presidency. Trump, he said, must wonder if they are all out to get him – adding “they ARE all out to get him.”
  • This election is not about Joe Biden. This election is between those Americans who love this country – and those who do not. It is between those who loved 1776, who believe in the Founders – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, John Adams, and the rest- and those who do not.
  • Biden hasn’t denounced the rioters other than once. Nancy Pelosi has never condemned the violence. Why? Because the rioters are Democrats – Bernie Sanders supporters.
  • The Democratic Party has a history of anti-Americanism. It supported slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow.
  • Last but not least he called the modern-day Democrats “crazy bastards.”

This was then and is now worth watching:

Mark Levin is exactly right. This election is not about Joe Biden. It is about a deadly serious Marxist attempt to take control of the country, using Biden as their puppet. Whether it’s the destruction of statues of American heroes with names like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, or Frederick Douglass. Whether it is undermining the Constitution to allow local prosecutors to rummage through a president’s taxes or Congress impeaching a president for no other reason than sheer hatred, all of this has to be defeated in November.

These “crazy bastards” are a serious clear and present danger to America and the very freedoms Americans cherish.

Mark Levin nailed it exactly Thursday night. Thank God he’s there to it.