Liberals Pressuring SCOTUS Justice Breyer to Retire; Replace With Young Black Female

Justice Stephen Breyer

Liberals and their agenda are rearing its ugly head in the form of pressure against a Supreme Court Justice. A liberal group, Demand Justice, is “pushing liberal Justice Stephen Breyer to retire so that President-elect Joe Biden can replace him with a Black, female jurist” reports Fox News.

Justice Breyer is 82 years old, so it is understandable that liberals would want a younger juror to be solidified in the lifelong court position. However, Democrats already had control of the House, their candidate was just elected President, and after Georgia’s senate runoff, it appears the split will likely be 50/50. Is it really appropriate, at the beginning of a Democratic administration, to bully a justice into leaving?

There was no pressure on Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire despite her health battles and age. No one was saying she should step down so that a younger, Black female could take her place. Nonetheless, Demand Justice executive director Brian Fallon told Politico, “Justice Breyer’s service on the court has been remarkable, and history will remember him even more fondly if he ends up playing a critical role in ensuring the appointment of the first Black woman to the court.”

“Timing his retirement in the coming year would guarantee that opportunity, and I would be wise to do so because the window may prove a narrow one” added Fallon. Former state Representative Bakari Sellers (D-SC) tweeted a similar sentiment to Fallon’s group, referencing the Georgia Senate runoffs. “If we get to 50, I need Justice Breyer to announce retirement at 12:01pm on January 20th. And I need us to nominate and elect some federal judges.”

Even if only serving one term, the Biden-Harris administration will be in office for four years. Yet, liberals want Breyer out at 12:01!