Liberal Media’s Xenophobic Coronavirus Coverage

CNN Liberal Media

Earlier this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta stated that President Trump’s oval office address to the nation seemed “xenophobic.” This liberal talking point was then repeated countless times by other members of the fake news media, as well as Democratic representatives. Unfortunately for them, we live in the age of instant replay. For the last three months, the media has been covering the “Wuhan Coronavirus” as it spread from the “epicenter” in China. The Media Research Center put together a compilation of just some of the instances where CNN, CNN International, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS all referred to the disease as the Chinese/Wuhan Coronavirus.


It is obvious that President Trump was not being racist or xenophobic when he stated that this is a foreign disease. The same applies to all the fake news members who used the same terms for the last three months. The hypocrisy of calling President Trump and others who refer to the disease as the Wuhan/Chinese/foreign Coronavirus is clear.

The media and those of us who criticize them should set aside these petty quarrels and work together to address this serious disease. The world, not only the American people, are currently being misled into a panic that could be more damaging than the disease itself. Unless the media unites to educate and prepare the public properly, their role in the Coronavirus will have the media go down in history as an entity that encourages the masses to panic.