Laura Ingraham Nails the Iran-Supporting Media

 Laura Ingraham
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

The Huffington Post is upset with Laura Ingraham.


Here’s the headline: Laura Ingraham Smears Media As ‘Iran’s American Propagandists’

Donald Trump “exposes them as left-wing pundits masquerading as reporters,” the Fox News host said, condemning coverage of Iran’s retaliatory missile attack.

Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe, what Laura said on her show the other night was…..accurate? Take that sub-headline about referring to  “left-wing pundits masquerading as reporters.”

Only inside the bubble of the Leftist State Media would this be seen as a “smear.” Outside the LSM bubble, this would be seen as observational reality. Take, for example, this line from the HuffPo article, bold print for emphasis supplied:

“The Trump administration violated the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018, and last week assassinated one of the country’s most powerful officials, Gen. Qassem Soleimani.”

Left out of this gem?

General Soleimani was a terrorist, actively waging war against the United States. Way back on January 19, 1984, Iran was designated “a State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST) for providing support for acts of international terrorism.” In April of last year Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, headed by Soleimani, was designed by the State Department as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).” Which, again, makes Soleimani a terrorist. And a legitimate target.

Over at National Review, Rich Lowry has made the obvious point.   His headline? Where Does Admiral Yamamoto Go to Get His Apology?

For those who came in late, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the General Soleimani of Pearl Harbor, the architect, and commander of the attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet on December 7, 1941. The attack killed 2,403 Americans and wounded 1,143.

On April 18, 1943, Yamamoto was flying on an inspection tour of the Japanese forces in the South Pacific. As with Soleimani decades later, American intelligence was on the job. They knew the specifics of the warlord’s travel schedule, and a squadron of U.S. Army Air Force planes was sent up to greet him. His plane was shot out of the sky and he was killed.

The death of the man who had planned Pearl Harbor was not called an “assassination” in the media of the day. No celebrities of the day defended him, no Democrats or Republicans assailed President Franklin Roosevelt for allowing the shoot down. The obvious fact was that Admiral Yamamoto was an enemy of the United States who was responsible for acts of war against the United States. Exactly like General Suleimani, he had killed thousands of Americans.

As Rich Lowry has noted:

“If it was wrong to kill Soleimani, it was wrong to kill Yamamoto — just as barbaric and illegal, just as damnable an ‘assassination.’ ”


The difference today, which Laura Ingraham has made bold to point out, is that today’s media has rushed to Soleimani’s defense. She ran a series of clips of various American journalists (as this transcript of the show at NewsBusters demonstrates) “actually now parroting Iranian talking points.” Which she followed up with a series of clips of these “journalists” sounding just like some Iranian government propagandist.

All with the point of painting President Trump as some sort of crazed, brutal tyrant – instead of, exactly like President Franklin Roosevelt and his military officials in 1943 – taking out a serious and dangerous enemy of the United States, an enemy who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Suffice to say, Laura Ingraham nailed it exactly. This was no “smear.” This was accuracy.

Something The Huffington Post clearly does not have.