John Kerry Overheard Betraying Biden; Contemplates His Own Run to Beat Sanders

John Kerry, in now-deleted expletive-laced tweet, addresses report he was overheard planning 2020 run
John Kerry Overheard Betraying Biden; Contemplates His Own Run to Beat Sanders 1

Iowa caucus is in full swing this week and former Secretary of State John Kerry can’t keep his cool. Kerry, who is in Iowa as a Biden surrogate, maybe the most enjoyable example of how Democrats are sweating silently this election season. While watching their underwhelming group of democratic presidential candidates fail to make any gains on President Trump, desperate times may call for desperate measures.

In the Renaissance hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, John Kerry was overheard ranting about Bernie Sanders and going over logistics if he were to run. “Maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here,” said Kerry while discussing that he could conceivably launch a run for president now that donors “have the reality of Bernie’ surging in the polls” reported Fox News.

Getting into details of how Sanders could be squashed, Kerry “added that donors such as venture capitalist Doug Hickey would have to ‘raise a couple of million,’ and that he would need to leave the board of Bank Of America and stop giving paid speeches.” Wow; willing to give up paid speeches? He must really hate Bernie.


It gets better. Kerry completely lost his cool “immediately after the report broke” and “fired off a tweet with an uncharacteristic expletive, as he didn’t outright deny that he had been overheard by the reporter saying Sanders posed an existential threat to the Democratic Party” reported Fox News.

Kerry’s delicate and presidential tweet read: “As I told the reporter, I am absolutely not running for President. Any report otherwise is f—ing (or categorically) false. I’ve been proud to campaign with my good friend Joe Biden, who is going to win the nomination, beat Trump, and make an outstanding president.” The tweet was quickly taken down and reposted without the expletive.

As entertaining as it is that Kerry is willing to betray the very man he is in Iowa to support, Joe Biden, Kerry is the latest example of Democrats trying to sabotage Sanders. Even President Trump has come to the defense of Sanders against his colleagues. In an interview with Sean Hannity yesterday, Trump accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of “rigging the election again” against “crazy Bernie,’ after the DNC announced it would change debate rules in a way that would help Mike Bloomberg appear on stage.”


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