House Intel Chair Debunks Biden Family Claims That Laptop Isn’t Hunter’s

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On Wednesday, House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) responded to the controversial claims from Biden family attorneys that the contents on the Hunter Biden laptop have been deemed “questionable.”

Comer made his comments during an interview with Fox News host Jason Chaffetz.

“What part of the laptop are you referring to that isn’t Hunter’s? The intimate messages between Hunter and his family? The pornographic pictures that are scattered throughout the laptop of him and escorts from countries all over the planet that were in the United States illegally. Is it his bank records? Is it what?” Comer asked.

Comer claimed Hunter Biden has begun living in the White House and said that his presence is a risk to national security.

“We’re concerned about the fact that the president’s son that we have said for seven months now is a risk to our national security is spending so much time in the White House,” Comer told Chaffetz. “We have reports of him spending more time they are then Joe Biden is actually spending there because we don’t really know where Hunter Biden lives unless he is living in the White House. And that is a concern. You go back to the laptop that they want to deny.”

“The people that he associated himself with for a four year time period are very questionable characters,” Comer said. “Many of them are incarcerated. Many are in court that are currently going through many trials of potential wrongdoing. And of course drug use. There are pictures. He took pictures of himself smoking crack while he was driving. Pictures of himself in his laptop. So it would be difficult to deny that.”


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