Glenn Greenwald: There Is A ‘Mountain Of Evidence’ That Joe Biden Was Involved In Hunter’s Business Deals

On Wednesday, journalist Glenn Greenwald, host of “System Update,” said that the evidence that President Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s international business relationships has become overwhelming.

“The idea that Hunter Biden has been going around the world invoking his father’s name in all these very explicit and aggressive ways, and his father never got wind of it, never knew that it happened, is laughable, and does not pass the laugh test,” Greenwald said. “And yet this is the version of events the media insists is true. That’s the extent to which they’re willing to lie for Joe Biden.”

“You have this mountain of evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in all of these deals, something the White House has emphatically denied. And now you have the emergence of what I think is arguably the most convincing evidence yet, first reported by the New York Post on July 23,” he said. 

Greenwald then quoted the New York Post report, which said, “Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify.”

Greenwald continued, “So, Devon Archer is a longtime business partner and associate of Hunter Biden, just like Tony Bobulinski was, and he is evidently, reportedly ready to testify that on at least two dozen occasions, Hunter Biden put his father, Joe Biden, on the calls with his associates, including when Joe Biden was vice president, to demonstrate what was clearly the case, that Joe Biden was trying to demonstrate that Hunter really had value because he could and would get Joe Biden to take action to benefit these companies that were paying Hunter Biden.”

Greenwald went on to quote more of the New York Post’s report, which said, “Hunter Biden would dial in his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone into meetings with his overseas business partners, according to testimony expected before Congress this week from Devon Archer, the first son’s former best friend.”

“Archer, 48, who is facing jail for his role in a $60 million bond fraud, is scheduled to testify to the House Oversight Committee about meetings he witnessed that were attended by Joe Biden either in person or via speakerphone when Hunter would call his father and introduce him to foreign business partners or prospective investors,” the report added. “One such meeting was in Dubai late in the evening of Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, after a board meeting of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which was paying Hunter $83,000 a month as a director.”

Greenwald continued, “Originally that figure was $50,000. It has been discovered that it was, in fact, significantly higher. He getting paid $83,000 a month, a full-time job, basically a million dollars a year despite knowing nothing about the energy industry, specifically Ukrainian energy, obviously because there was value being provided by Hunter Biden which could only have come in the form of access to his father.”

“And yet the media has been insisting for years that you are supposed to believe that at no point did Joe Biden ever speak to Hunter about any of this, even in the face of all this evidence, which they’ve been lying about for years,” he added.

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