DeSantis Responds To McConnell’s Health Incident, Says It May Be Time For New Generation Of Leaders

Mitch McConnell

Florida Governor and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has given his thoughts on Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) health concerns after McConnell froze and appeared unwell during a recent press conference. 

The incident happened on Wednesday when McConnell quit speaking abruptly and froze for approximately 20 seconds before being escorted away. 

DeSantis responded to the incident during an episode of SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” saying it may be time for a new generation of leaders. 

“It used to not be that way,” DeSantis said. “I mean, you used to kind of serve in your prime and then pass the baton to the next generation. I think this generation has not really been as willing to do that. Look, I think that we need – and one of the reasons I’m running compared to Biden, I mean my gosh – we need energy in the executive, we need some vigor, some vitality.”

“And when I go in on day one, we will spit nails starting January 20 of 2025,” he continued. “And maybe it’ll be day after day after day. We’re gonna have all the executive orders written before we take off as all the legislation we want will be done. We’ll have thousands of appointees to send to the Senate for confirmation. We’re not going to miss a beat. And we’re going to take advantage of every opportunity, but you’ve got to be vigorous, you got to have energy to be able to do that. And so I think the American people, I do think they’re ready to kind of say, ‘Okay, let’s try the next generation.’”

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