Georgia Democrats Blame Long Lines As Defense For Vote-By-Mail

Georgia Voting

Democrats are using long wait lines to vote in Georgia to help push their mail-in-voting agenda for November’s presidential elections. Democrats have been supportive of mail-in-voting despite its high level of voter fraud, likely because the fraud errs in their favor. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the Democratic Party was even more adamant that ballots much be sent to all citizens in order to abide by the safety instructions and suggestions by the Centers for Disease Control such as staying six feet apart.

Public health was a novel excuse for Democrats, until of course, they went out in droves for the Black Lives Matters protests across the nation after the death of George Floyd. With the concern of “flattening the curve” out of the way, Democrats need a new excuse to pursue their flawed voting preference. Enter the Georgia primary elections.

The Associated Press reports that “the long-standing wrangle over voting rights and election security came to a head in Georgia, where a messy primary and partisan finger-pointing offered an unsettling preview of a November contest when battleground states could face potentially record turnout.” As if elections have ever not included partisan finger-pointing?

“Many Democrats blamed the Republican secretary of state for hourslong lines, voting machine malfunctions, provisional ballot shortages and absentee ballots failing to arrive in time for Tuesday’s elections” added the AP. Not surprisingly, Biden’s presidential campaign called the scenario “completely unacceptable” while Trump’s top campaign attorney decried “the chaos in Georgia.”

Georgia Republicans claimed that the issues arose primarily from “Atlanta’s heavily minority and Democratic-controlled counties” and Trump campaign headquarters senior counsel Justin Clark says Democrats are simply pushing for vote-by-mail. “The American people want to know that the results of an election accurately reflect the will of the voters. The only way to make sure that the American people will have faith in the results is if people who can, show up and vote in person” said Clark.

As for the Biden campaign, an attorney said what occurred in Georgia is a “threat” to democracy. “We only have a few months left until voters around the nation head to the polls again, and efforts should begin immediately to ensure that every Georgian – and every American – is able to safely exercise their right to vote” said attorney Rachana Desai Martin.

Two Georgia Democrats “on Biden’s list of potential running mates pointed at Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who led the selection of Georgia’s new voting machine system and invited every active voter to request an absentee ballot” according to the AP. Moral of the story: nothing has changed in partisan politics and voting remains to be a partisan issue.