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Erik Wemple Must Go

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]Erik Wemple must go.  It’s the war to end all wars, and it’s time. Past time.

No, I’m not talking about the war on the Coronavirus. Which is what we should all be talking about.

No, I’m talking about The Washington Post and the mainstream media’s war on Fox News. With the ultimate target being, but of course, President Trump.

Erik Wemple
Erik Wemple

Last week it was another of the Post’s media columnists, Margaret Sullivan, who demanded that the television networks cease covering the White House briefings with the President, Vice President, and their medical and scientific advisers. Around the same time Seattle’s NPR station, KUOW, announced they would cease to carry the daily briefings – promptly getting salutes of agreement from almost 100 “journalists.”

Now, this totalitarian mindset has spread to another Post media columnist – Erik Wemple. Wemple’s latest demand is this:  Hannity Must Go

Really? Or maybe, just maybe, it should be Erik Wemple who goes?

Let’s take a stroll through this Wemple piece approved by the Leftist State Media’s Ministry of Propaganda.

While his first target is now-departed Fox Business anchor Trish Regan, the real Wemple target is Hannity. (In fact, Hannity is a regular target of Wemple, but I digress.) Why must Hannity be dragged to the exits? Hannity, you see, according to Minister Wemple had the audacity to say this of the Minister’s Ministry:

“They’re now sadly politicizing and actually weaponizing an infectious disease, in what is basically just the latest effort to bludgeon President Trump.”

Hello? Not just yes, but hell yes. This is spot-on accurate – which is exactly why Minister Wemple wants Hannity off the air. Hannity has the biggest audience on cable, and for a reason. He has zero hesitation in calling out the Leftist State Media, or as he calls it the Media Mob or the Hate Trump Media.

Never asked by Wemple is why in the world Hannity, not to mention millions of Trump supporters, would think the media would politicize and weaponize the virus in the first place.

The answer is simple. Let’s recall. From the moment Donald Trump won the election, Wemple’s overseers in The Ministry were demanding that he be thrown out. Recall this headline from The Post: The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun

That gem was headlined on, yes, January 20, 2017 – and posted, according to The Post itself at 12:19. That would be 19 minutes after Trump was sworn in at his inauguration. First sentence?

“The effort to impeach President Donald John Trump is already underway.”

And so it was. With the LSM’s various outlets from the Ministry of Propaganda going all out to get it done. And Wemple was right there doing his part to make sure that his LSM-issued meal ticket was covered.

First up was the Trump-Russia collusion lie. Say again, lie. When “Russia, Russia, Russia” struck out, the move was to “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine!”. Which in turn led to “impeach, impeach, impeach!” And all along the way, there was Erik Wemple cheering on the lies and the liars.

To Wemple’s fury and that of his brethren in the LSM Ministry of Propaganda, in every instance Hannity was there to call out the lies and the liars. His shows became rolling seminars on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, with a serious ensemble cast of investigators who systematically dismantled the myths and lies spread by the various house organs of the Leftist State Media.

What was perfectly obvious to any sentient observer was not just that the Leftist State Media and their Democrat allies hated the president and would politicize and weaponize anything and everything to attack him and remove him from office. There was something more underlying all of this. Why was this happening in the first place?

What was really driving them around the bend was that their once-secured role as The Ruling Class Media was gone. Over at The New York Times – a year ago! – was this lengthy all-out assault on Fox. The headline: 6 Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Rupert Murdoch and His Family


I took note of the paper’s foaming outrage by citing a 1966 book on The Times by former Times reporter Gay Talese.   The book was titled The Kingdom and the Power: The Story of the Men Who Influence the Institution That Influences the World – The New York Times. In which Talese described what it meant in the day to be a member of the Sulzberger family, the owners, and publisher of the Times:

 “…the behind-the-scenes hobnobbing with the great, from kings to premiers, ambassadors, and cabinet members.” The family ran the paper as “a medieval modern kingdom within the nation with its own private laws and values and with leaders who felt responsibility for the nation’s welfare….The Times was the bible…what appeared in The Times must be true…”

In fact, this attitude of power and glory deserved as they set the agenda for the nation was shared across the board in the Leftist State Media.

Whether it was The Times or The Washington Post or other big city dailies or the three broadcast networks or, eventually, CNN – these people and their minions were IT! They had the power and they exulted in it.

And now? It’s all gone. All that power and glory wiped out by the hated Murdoch family, Fox News, and the larger world of conservative talk radio. More people watch or listen to Sean Hannity than read The New York Times or The Washington Post or watch CNN and the rest. The resentment at this – the utter fury – now erupts almost daily from some corner of the Leftist State Media.

Frequently it erupts from Erik Wemple. He spends column after column attacking Hannity or Fox or Tucker Carlson or whatever conservative media sort comes into his red zone. The Washington Post, which publishes The Erik Wemple Blog, does the same, and as noted, has been doing so since literally the day Trump took the oath of office.

In his latest Hannity tirade, Wemple illustrates the media’s credibility problem exactly. Wemple cites this jewel of fake news written by Ben Smith over in The New York Times.  Wemple praises Smith, the latter who used his column to suggest Fox – and Hannity – had not taken the virus seriously. As I pointed out before and will point out yet again, the far-left “media watchdog” (read: Fox haters) Media Matters was busy attacking Fox as “fearmongers” for reporting – back in January! –  that the infection rate of the virus was much higher than the Chinese government acknowledged. In other words, when Fox reported the facts on the virus it was slammed for fearmongering. Yet there is Smith in that column – totally silent, with not a peep about the fearmongering charge. And yes, not a peep from Wemple either.

Minister Wemple, clearly baffled, headlined his frustration with the media’s loss of credibility this way in a short video:

Trump fans believe him over the media on Coronavirus. This is dangerous.

In which he asks CPAC attendees if they believed the media would politicize the virus to slam Trump. To a person, the answer was “yes.”

Notably, Wemple never asks just why in the world the conservative, pro-Trump CPAC attendees would ever believe something like this. Even more to the point, he never bothers to ask himself.

The fact here is that the Leftist State Media has spent years slowly destroying its own credibility. With Erik Wemple cheering them on.

In other words? To borrow from this Wemple Hannity column, Erik Wemple’s real bosses are not The Washington Post. Those are his nominal bosses. His real boss is the far-Left ideas that fuel the Leftist State Media’s Ministry of Propaganda.

So does that mean…it’s time? Time for Erik Wemple to go?



Because with every moment Erik Wemple or someone else in the Leftist State Media goes out of the way to lie about Sean Hannity – Hannity’s ratings go up.

Thanks Erik. Job well done!

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