Biden’s Monumental Monument Problem

Joe Biden

Uh-oh. Former Vice President Joe Biden, briefly out of his basement, has just landed himself in hot water – with his own leftist activist base.  Biden’s sin? Here’s the headline from Mediaite:

Joe Biden Says Confederate Monuments Should Come Down, But ‘Protect’ Columbus and George Washington

The story says:

“2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden expressed support for the removal of Confederate statues on Tuesday, though added that statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson should be protected by the government.”

Google “ Columbus was…” and there are entries with headlines like this one from the left-wing Vox:

9 reasons Christopher Columbus was a murderer, tyrant, and scoundrel
Why do we even celebrate Columbus Day?

Or this from The Philadelphia Tribune just last October, The Tribune being “the nation’s oldest and continuously published newspaper reflecting the African American experience.”

Five facts proving Columbus was one of history’s worst monsters

This 2019 jewel begins:

“Monday, Oct. 14 is Columbus Day this year. If you celebrate Christopher Columbus (born Cristofor Colombo) on that day or any other day, you are a celebrator of racist genocide, massive land robbery, barbaric slavery, child/adult serial rape, and systemic torture.”

Alrighty then!

The kind of stories that say these things have now moved to the next, seriously violent steps. Here are some of the current headlines:

Columbus, Ohio, to remove Christopher Columbus statue 

7 arrested after Christopher Columbus statue vandalized in Miami

Vandalized statue of Christopher Columbus will be removed pending a review, Mayor Walsh says 

Christopher Columbus statues vandalized in California and Rhode Island 

Christopher Columbus statues toppled in Minnesota, beheaded in Boston, attacked in Richmond

Newsflash? These attacks are not the result of anti-Biden conservatives or intoxicated country club Republicans. These attacks are the latest – and decidedly violent – a manifestation of leftist rage. And these kind of people are going to sit back and quietly vote for Joe Biden – who is now out there saying this?

“For example, taking down, toppling Christopher Columbus statues or George Washington statues, et cetera, I think that is something that the government has an opportunity and responsibility to protect from happening.”

Let’s be clear. This “movement” is no longer about race. It’s about open sabotage of everything American, which quite specifically includes the destruction of American history and culture. And, yes, the sabotage of the Democratic Party as it is now constituted and led by Joe Biden.

These activists are out to take over the Democratic Party and get rid of leaders like Joe Biden – beginning with Joe Biden himself. There is nothing Biden can do – and he is surely going to try – to appease these self-imagined revolutionaries. He will bob and weave, duck and cover and try and find the middle ground. In this instance the Biden “solution” is “Confederate statues bad” but “Columbus deserves government protection.”

It isn’t going to work. These activists are not about compromise or moderation. Appeasement does not work with revolutionaries.

Which is to say, Joe Biden’s monument problem is monumental.

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