Biden in 1973: Gays Are “Security Risks”

Joe Biden

Uh-oh.  Now that former Vice President Joe Biden is set to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee all kinds of things are floating to the political surface. And in this case, doubtless, the Biden campaign has reason to be concerned about the party’s left-wing – in this case gay rights activists.

Look no further than this April 2019 article in The Washington Free Beacon.  The headline:

Joe Biden Viewed Gays in Government as ‘Security Risks’
1973 comment came as gay rights activists pushed to reverse ban against holding gov’t jobs

The Free Beacon story says this:

“Former vice president Joe Biden once told a group of constituents in Delaware he viewed homosexuals working for the federal government as “security risks,” according to an archived local news report dug up by the Washington Free Beacon.

Biden has positioned himself as an advocate for gay rights since leaving the White House. Last year, his foundation launched the “As You Are” program to promote acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community and fight against their discrimination.

In his first year as a U.S. senator, however, Biden appeared unwilling to accept members of the gay community as federal employees.”

While Biden likes to take credit for coming out for gay marriage before his boss, President Obama, the Free Beacon quotes former Ambassador and Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, himself a gay man, who says this about President Trump:

“‘For more than four decades, Joe Biden walked lockstep with the political establishment to marginalize the LGBT community until it was politically expedient – at which point he tried to pretend he was a leader on equality,’ Ric Grenell, former U.S. ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence (DNI) under Trump, told Fox News.

Grenell added: ‘President Trump has done more to advance the rights of gays and lesbians in three years than Joe Biden did in 40 plus years in Washington.’”

Biden’s problem? His “evolution” on gay rights is symbolic of Biden’s caution and hesitation on issues that are dear to the hearts of the far-lefties in his party. From the Green New Deal to the legalization of marijuana to defunding the police, renaming military bases and pulling down monuments and more, every step along the way it is abundantly clear that Biden will constantly be in a position of being pushed further and further left. And, for the most part, he will either placidly “evolve” – or alienate his leftist base.

Which in turn makes him a ripe target for President Trump. Case in point? The White House has announced that the President will be traveling to South Dakota for a Fourth of July celebration centered on   Mt. Rushmore. Where, as every schoolchild learns, Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. are immortalized in stone carvings.

Already Native American activists are furious with the Trump visit and celebration, which is scheduled to include fireworks and a flyover by fighter jets. So will Biden side with the activists? Will he demand the monument be destroyed? Will he apologize for it? Does he view Washington, Jefferson, TR and Abe as white supremacists?

There are two answers to this. Yes – or no.

A “yes” will anger Americans around the country who are proud of their country’s heritage – Americans who live in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida. A “no” will anger the battalions of far-left activists whose help he needs to win.

This is going to be the real battle of 2020 – is America a great symbol of freedom, or an oppressive racist nation that deserves to be destroyed?

And the revelation of Biden’s long-ago remark that he viewed gays as potential “security risks” is only the beginning of Biden’s 2020 problems – with his own party.