Biden Claims ‘Things Are Going As Planned’ About Debt Ceiling After Changing Mind On Negotiations

On Wednesday, Democrat President Joe Biden claimed that “things are going as planned” in regard to the negotiations with Republicans about raising the debt ceiling.

Biden’s comments come after he notoriously vowed to refuse to negotiate with Republicans about raising the debt ceiling and subsequently negotiated a deal that raised the debt ceiling. 

The president made his comments in response to questions from reporters after discussing the upcoming hurricane season. 

“Mr. President, some progressives don’t like the debt ceil- — debt deal. What’s your message to them?” a reporter asked. 

“I told — I — I told all these guys you wouldn’t ask anything about what we just talked about. Was I right? Just wanted to show you I was right, right?” Biden responded.

“Now, we’re going to deal with the debt ceiling. We have — we have — I think things are going as planned, God willing,” he added. “I’ll have — I’ll be landing in Colorado tonight in preparation for my commencement speech at the Air Force Academy tomorrow. And, God willing, by the time I land, the Congress will have acted, the House will have acted, and we’ll be one step closer.”

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