Zucker Ousting Emblematic of the Rot Inside CNN

Jeffrey Lord

Jeffery Lord joined Fox News’ Primetime show to discuss the upset at CNN, where Jeff Zucker abruptly resigned after it went public that he and a “subordinate” in the company who reported directly to him, were having an affair.

Laura Ingraham and Jeffrey discussed the “unethically politically correct monsters” at CNN, where Lord was once a commentator. They bring up how the network was started by Ted Turner who wanted to create a network because the media of the day, in the 1970s, was biased.

Turner was “moving CNN in the opposite direction and I obviously benefited from that,” said Lord. “I was a commentator. I was a Trump guy on CNN. Which, of course, led eventually to my dismissal.”

“They got a whole lot of problems over there, not the least of which is sort of sabotaging the image of the mainstream media as being impartial” added Lord.

The woman Zucker was having an affair with served as the director for former Governor Andrew Cuomo and helped to secure the “Cuomo on Cuomo” interview when former CNN host Chris Cuomo interviewed his brother, then Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

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