We are Not ‘All in This Together’ As the Rich and Famous Use Private Yachts, Planes to Flee COVID

David Geffen Yacht
David Geffen Yacht

Quarantine fatigue is a very real concern. Also exhausting is listening to celebrities and billionaires claim, “we are all in this together.” Unless you are at risk of losing your job, your house, your savings, your children’s future, and your sanity, you are in another, much lonelier category. Yahoo writes coronavirus has “exposed the stark divide between the rich and everyone else in a nation whose disparities are marked by spiraling joblessness and luxury cars racing through the desert air.”

Those who have not filed for unemployment, ethically at least, and aren’t standing in grocery lines with gloves and face masks, have the luxury to “flee” quarantine and COVID-19. “They’ve fled big cities and headed to second homes or $8,000-a-month rentals in places like Sedona and rural coastal stretches of the Pacific Northwest. They’re arriving by personal travel buses, private planes and yachts” writes Yahoo.

For skeptics who believe a pandemic does not distinguish between the rich and poor, and that the wealthy are just as at risk as the rest of us, keep reading. Yahoo writes South of Miami Beach sits one of the countries “richest ZIP Codes” where “management paid more than $30,000 for 1,200 employees and residents to be tested for coronavirus antibodies” so life could continue as [luxuriously] normal.

Similarly, the outrageously expensive mountain resort town of Telluride, Colorado tests were acquired. Unfortunately, “governors of many states have struggled to secure an adequate number of tests” for its citizens seeking medical attention. Money talks and the rich are saying “we don’t want our lives to be intruded upon.”

Then you have the nauseatingly tone-deaf individuals. Hollywood Billionaire David Geffen recently posted a photo of a beautiful sunset behind his 454-foot yacht with the caption, “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus…I’m hoping everybody is saying safe.” Poor guy. Sedona Arizona’s mayor pleaded to potential visitors to stay away as private jets are bringing in wealthy individuals who prefer to vacation over quarantine. Don’t we all. One investment manager from Denver drove his wife and two kids in their Tesla Model X to Sedona where they rented a home for $8,000 a month. He wanted to flee all the people still surrounding his downtown Denver home.

“I feel in danger every day,” says Oregon coastal grocery store cashier clerk Diana Hardy. Hardy is 66-years old and says of all the outsiders avoiding stay at home orders are putting them at risk; “those of us that live here full time and wait on them are the ones that are at risk.”