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Want To See What Real Tyranny Looks Like? Just Look at Iran

Iran broke out in anti-government protests Friday, which has led to at least eight deaths. As is standard dictatorial behavior, the Iranian government shut down the internet to silence its people. Americans love to loosely use powerful words in flagrant ways such as calling President Trump a dictator or comparing immigration enforcement officers to Nazis. Liberals fail to realize that their words have no consequences because of the very reason they are able to mouth off in the first place: freedom.

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the use of such rhetoric. Natural born citizens of the United States have no idea what it is like to live under communism or a dictator. They fail to realize the hypocrisy that in having the right to call their leader a dictator, in fact, means they are not a dictator.

How do real dictatorships behave? Take Iran for instance. After a 50% increase in gas prices, Iranian citizens erupted into protest. Their government then “shut down the internet…blocking Iranians from sharing videos and information with the outside world” reported the Associated Press. Some of the protest footage Iran was protecting “included the sound of gunfire and appeared to show gravely wounded people.”

United States citizens cannot even fathom such a scenario. The gap between freedom in the U.S. and authoritarian governments is so vast Americans fail to understand what true tyranny is. In fact, it was Iran’s President himself, Hassan Rouhani, who “pushed for the hike in gas prices as part of a promise to increase payments to Iran’s poor” according to the Associated Press report. He then threatened his citizens by warning “that authorities could track protesters by their license plates.” That dear friend is tyranny.

Even eviler, Iran is using its citizens as pawns to shift the court of public opinion to hate Trump and the United States. In a statement on the Iranian president’s website, Rouhani “linked the gas hike to Iran’s inability to export its crude oil abroad” due to imposed economic sanctions implemented by Trump after withdrawing America from the nuclear deal. President Rouhani knows full well if he complies with the nuclear deal and halts nuclear weapon capabilities Trump will ease the sanctions and his country’s economic woes will diminish.

However, in true dictator form, he actively allows his people to suffer by simply saying “we have no other choice but to either raise taxes and make payments…or we must export more oil.” No President Rouhani, you do have a very clear choice: abide by the deals you enter and don’t continue making your citizens suffer because of your unquenchable thirst for nuclear weapons.

h/t: AP News

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