Trump Surprises Lord, Pennsylvania with Video: ‘We Will Make America Great Again’

Former President Donald Trump surprised Jeffrey Lord with a video to be played before he moderated two GOP debates in New Castle, Pennsylvania. The first debate was for GOP Senate candidates and the second was for GOP candidates for Governor.

Trump begins the video by saying “hello and thank you” to Lawrence county GOP chair Lynne Ryan and Jeffrey Lord. Trump calls Lord a “brave gentleman who fought for years on CNN.” He then thanks all the friends gathered for the debates in western Pennsylvania.

“We did very well there, we did very well in the state. We won the state. It’s something that I contest and will continue to contest. We were up by a massive amount at 10 o’clock in the evening and then all of a sudden, things closed, and then it reopened and voila look what happened. So we have to be a lot sharper the next time when it comes to counting the vote” said Trump.

“You look at what’s happened with Biden, they are destroying our nation and they’re destroying it before our very eyes” he adds. “We were energy independent and now we’re not…they’ve destroyed the energy business.”

“Look at the prices when I left; a gallon of gas was $1.87, and now it’s five dollars, six dollars in some parts of California, seven dollars. It’s a disgrace what they’ve done.”

“What’s happened to our country is so sad…we got the worst borders. We could have the best but they don’t want to do that, they don’t want to complete the wall, they want open borders” Trump says of Democrats’ border policies.

“We had a year ago, the strongest borders we’ve ever had and now we have the weakest and the worst…we have drugs pouring in at a record we’ve never seen before.”

“Let’s go to Afghanistan and that unbelievably incompetent withdrawal. And I was all for it, I was the one that brought it down to 2,500 great troops, and now we’re embarrassed all over the world the way we did it. They took out the military first; they gave up Bagram…which is an hour away from where China make their nuclear weapons. It would have been a nice thing to have.”

“Obviously the borders, “the way they’re pouring into our country, you can have a different country very soon. So I said this was going to happen, you knew it was going to happen, I never knew and nobody knew it could be this bad. They’ve taken over and they’re destroying our country.”

Trump finishes the video by saying he appreciates how much Pennsylvania is fighting so hard not only for the 2020 presidential theft and hoax, but also for just our country itself. “You’re great patriots, great Americans, we will make America great again. We have to start from a little different base, but it will happen, and it will happen fast…we have to be strong and remain patriotic. We will make America great again.”

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