Trump Mocks Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s Mumbling

One of President Trump’s most powerful political tactics is to take a person’s mistake and mock them for it. This was on full display at a rally in New Hampshire yesterday when Trump decided to mock the way Speaker Pelosi acted during the State of the Union address.

From mumbling and pointing at random people, to finally ripping up a copy of the speech, President Trump highlighted all of the odd things Pelosi was doing as the President gave his speech.

“I was very distracted. I’m speaking and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me, angry, there was a little anger back there, we are the ones who should be angry. Not them. We are the ones who should be angry.”

While President Trump was mocking Speaker Pelosi, the crowd started chanting a staple of a Trump rally from 2016: “Lock Her UP!” Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted out a video of Speaker Pelosi that featured her ripping up the speech over all the honorees that President Trump recognized in his speech. That video was watched over 10 million times…just imagine how angry and how loudly she is mumbling to herself now.

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