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Three Cheers for Jared Kushner

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#c00″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]The problem is, yet again, obvious.  The Insiders of the Washington Beltway simply cannot abide Outsiders in the White House. Which is the only thing one needs to know in the recent round of attacks on Jared Kushner.

The senior adviser to the president and, yes, his son-in-law, is routinely targeted in the media for this or that supposed outrage. Recent example?

There was this headline from the Washington Post:

Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers

This story starts as follows, bold print for emphasis supplied:

The coronavirus response being spearheaded by President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has relied in part on volunteers from consulting and private equity firms with little expertise in the tasks they were assigned, exacerbating chronic problems in obtaining supplies for hospitals and other needs, according to numerous government officials and a volunteer involved in the effort.

About two dozen employees from Boston Consulting Group, Insight, McKinsey and other firms have volunteered their time — some on paid vacation leave from their jobs and others without pay — to aid the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to administration officials and others familiar with the arrangement.

The story goes on to discuss “a complaint filed last month with the House Oversight Committee.” Then it says this, bold print supplied for emphasis…

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