The Top Five Witnesses in a Trump Trial 1

The Top Five Witnesses in a Trump Trial


So President Trump wants a trial in the Senate. As is noted here in just one of a zillion stories.

I’m with the President.

On December 9th the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on the skullduggery at the DOJ and the FBI that was behind the attempt to stop candidate Trump and overthrow President Trump will be released. Just this week we learn this, as reported at Fox News:

“Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI lawyer manipulated a key investigative document related to the FBI’s secretive surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser — enough to change the substantive meaning of the document, according to multiple reports.”

All of this should be investigated at a Senate trial. And with Republicans controlling the Senate, they can call the witness Adam Schiff refused to call.

I can’t wait until the top five witnesses are called. They would be:

  1. The Whistleblower.  It is long past time for the person who started the impeachment ball rolling be yanked out of the shadows and unmasked. Americans have a right to know who he is – and the history of his partisan leanings.
  2. Congressman Adam Schiff. Because it is Schiff’s staff to whom the whistleblower first reported – and Schiff tried to deny it when it was perfectly true – this makes Schiff himself a “fact witness” as they say in the legal trade.
  3. Hunter Biden. Without question, the man at the center of all those influence-pedaling deals from Ukraine to China needs to be front and center.
  4. Former Vice President Joe Biden. He who used US tax dollars to bribe the government of Ukraine into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company on whose board his son Hunter Biden sat.

And last but not least? That would be:

5. Former President Barack Obama. Now will be the time to find out – under oath – what did Obama know and when did he know it. As Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese has said in an interview over at The Daily Caller, the Obama administration was using the intelligence agencies to undermine a political opponent – exactly what got President Nixon in trouble. In short, Meese sees this whole unfolding episode as Obama’s Watergate – the biggest scandal in American history.

With all manner of Obama officials and Democratic Party operatives involved.

Thursday night The Great One, Mark Levin, appeared on Hannity and said this of Schiff:

“After we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto of Japan said, ‘I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.’ You know, Adam Schiff, you are, in some ways, Admiral Yamamoto. You just awakened a sleeping giant. You threw everything you had at the president, at the Republicans, at 63 million voters who voted for this president and this is the best you have? This is the best you had? You have nothing! And you controlled everything. You control the witnesses, you control the information, you interrupt the Republicans. You had control over the hearing room, control over the rules and the timing at the press events. And you’ll have control over the charging documents. You are the Democrat party’s Yamamoto. And even now with all the control you have had, all the positive press, and all the clownish legal analysts and the rest, and the propaganda that they are pushing, and they are celebrating, the polls for Donald Trump are going up.”


Let the trial begin – and call the top five witnesses.

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