The Media Is Complicit, Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper
Jake Tapper

Over there at Jimmy Kimmel’s show, my old CNN colleague Jake Tapper was on the show the other night. And said this, as reported by Mediaite:

“Praising his fellow CNN hosts, Tapper noted that they’ve been practicing journalism amid an administration that often fights facts and attempts to silence the media.

…“We had a president who was working so hard to make truth and facts and decency into partisan issues, and we saw last week perhaps the inevitable result of that,” Tapper said, revealing that his friends at other news organizations have been “restrained” as a result of Trump’s strained relationship with reporters.

Admitting that he expected things to “get ugly” on Wednesday, considering Trump was holding a rally at the same time as the Electoral College vote count, Tapper pegged the attack as the “natural culmination of the Trump presidency.”

“I didn’t see it coming, but in retrospect, it does feel like this is what we were all worried about, we just couldn’t put it into words,” said the CNN anchor, referring to Trump’s tendency to “play footsie” with far-right groups.

“There has to be some sort of reckoning, some sort of consequence,” Tapper added. “Not just for President Trump but for everybody who was part of this. I mean, two-thirds of the House Republicans voted to commit sedition, to overturn the election, after the terrorist attack! When there was blood on the ground!”

OK. Stop. Full stop.

I like Jake Tapper. But to say this has things more than backwards is to understate.

Note this statement: “….Tapper noted that they’ve been practicing journalism amid an administration that often fights facts and attempts to silence the media.”

Excuse me? For most of the Trump term CNN – and The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC etc – pushed the blatant untruth of Trump-Russia collusion. There was not a word of truth to this yet CNN and the rest of the media pushed it at every opportunity. That is not journalism. That is a network and newspapers with a political agenda that involved pushing an outright falsehood.

Jake went on to say that “two-thirds of the House Republicans voted to commit sedition, to overturn the election.”

That is a bold, stunning, flat untruth. Millions of Americans believe passionately that this election was stolen. Right out in the open. In my home state of Pennsylvania, specifically in Jake’s hometown of Philadelphia, it was crystal clear from the television pictures that Republican observers were kept at least six feet away and blocked by bicycle racks. Unless one had Superman’s telescopic vision it was absolutely impossible to observe the ballots being counted.

Also in Pennsylvania, 21 State Senators charged – in detail – that there were repeated unlawful violations by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, his appointed Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and what the Senators described -accurately- as “the rogue State Supreme Court.” Run by…Democrats. The Governor and his political pals overrode the state legislature, which, they accurately said, had the power under both the US. and Pennsylvania Constitutions to “set the time, place and manner of elections.”

Thus the refusal of those two-thirds of House Republicans to defend the Constitution was exactly what they should have done. They, along with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, were doing their job. The only sedition going on here was by those who robbed millions of Americans of their votes.

In fact, as Jake should know as a Philadelphian, the City of Brotherly Love has a long and disreputable history of corruption. As I have mentioned in the past, only last May of 2020 a Philadelphia Democrat Judge of Elections was indicted for voter fraud – running up votes for certain candidates in Democrat primaries. He was paid to do this. In July of 2020 the man who paid him, a former Democrat Congressman from Philadelphia who years earlier had been caught in the ABSCAM sting and went to prison for three years, was indicted for voter fraud.

And don’t forget the Philadelphia Inquirer’s investigation that revealed that in the 2012 election, in 59 Philadelphia voting districts, President Obama received over 19,000 votes with Mitt Romney getting…zero. A statistical impossibility. Voter fraud.

To put it bluntly? The media spent the last years stoking the fires of Trump hate, telling bald untruths while scorning not only the President but his supporters. Then they are shocked at the results they themselves are complicit in?

What happened in the US Capitol was a disgrace. But it was not incited by President Trump. I was at his rally on the Ellipse behind the White House with a literal front seat. I sat mere feet from him, and heard him say this:

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Exactly. I was not at the Capitol as I had to return to my hotel after the rally to do media interviews. But I saw what was done on television. It was disgusting, disgraceful.

But without question, it came about thanks to the four years of incitement by a complicit media. And they should be ashamed.

Don’t hold your breath.