The March For Our Lives “Pillow Grift”

David Hogg

A co-founder of March For Our Lives stated that the movement had become a “pillow grift” as activist David Hogg’s new pillow company trended on Twitter late Tuesday. Apparently unaware that many different pillow companies already exist, Hogg claims he created his company to challenge Mike Lindell’s MyPillow.

“To those of you who marched, donated, lobbied, and called for change… I’m so sorry this is what it turned into. This is embarrassing,” Kasky tweeted. “But, welcome to America, everything ends up a grift.”

Kasky later addressed those who said he was “jealous,” tweeting, “To those of you claiming I’m ‘jealous’ about the pillow grift, I was actually offered free shares as soon as I started tweeting about it. I just declined because while I’m kind of a grifter, I’m not that much of a grifter.”

Making it even more clear that Kasky was speaking about Hogg’s “pillow grift,” Hogg’s business partner replied to Kasky’s comments, writing, “It’s ok to admit you’re jealous, cam. David isn’t defined by the tragedy you both went thru. At this point, you’re literally just being a bully & everything you claim to hate. We’ll donate millions to good causes – will you still hate on us then?”

Kasky later mocked the pillow company, writing: “Trying to surround myself with yes men and monetize my Twitter account by pretending that a Republican company creating a common household item has literally no competition please apply here:”

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