The Impeachment Charade 1

The Impeachment Charade

Their impeachment charade is inflicting massive damage - to the impeachers.

Call it the impeachment charade. And here is where it made its public debut.

The date: January 20, 2017. The time of day: 12:19 pm – a bare 19 minutes after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

And the headline in The Washington Post was this: The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun

The Post story, by Matea Gold, began as follows:

“The effort to impeach President Donald John Trump is already underway.

At the moment the new commander in chief was sworn in, a campaign to build public support for his impeachment went live at, spearheaded by two liberal advocacy groups aiming to lay the groundwork for his eventual ejection from the White House.

The organizers behind the campaign, Free Speech for People and RootsAction, are hinging their case on Trump’s insistence on maintaining ownership of his luxury hotel and golf course business while in office. Ethics experts have warned that his financial holdings could potentially lead to constitutional violations and undermine public faith in his decision-making.

Their effort is early, strategists admit. But they insist it is not premature — even if it triggers an angry backlash from those who will argue that they are not giving the new president a chance.

‘If we were to wait for all the ill effects that could come from this, too much damage to our democracy would occur,’ said Ron Fein, legal director at Free Speech for People. ‘It will undermine faith in basic institutions. If nothing else, it’s important for Americans to trust that the president is doing what he thinks is the right thing … not that it would help jump-start a stalled casino project in another country.’”

Accompanying the article was a photo of Hollywood’s Michael Moore with the caption:

Michael Moore: Donald Trump Will Not Last These Four Years

There was also this:

“‘We think that President Trump will be in violation of the Constitution and federal statutes on day one, and we plan a vigorous offense to ensure the worst of the constitutional violations do not occur,’ said Anthony D. Romero, the ACLU’s executive director.”

Their impeachment charade is inflicting massive damage – to the impeachers.

In other words? Literally from 19 minutes after he was sworn in – before he had even finished his inaugural address – Democrats were targeting him for impeachment.


First, as the Post story shows, the far Left activists were “hinging their case on Trump’s insistence on maintaining ownership of his luxury hotel and golf course business while in office.”

On July 17, 2019, Texas Congressman Al Green and 95 House Democrats voted to impeach Trump – with no crimes listed because they couldn’t find any. Green finally settled on tweeting the President should be removed for “racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia…

When that didn’t work, it was Trump-Russia collusion. “Just wait til the Mueller report” they insisted repeatedly. The Mueller report arrived – and it said there was no collusion. Yet here is the Left-wing Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin in August of 2019:

“The Russia report compiled by Robert S. Mueller III regarding Russian interference and obstruction details 10 categories of conduct that are more than sufficient grounds for impeaching President Trump. However, quite apart from the acts listed in the report, Trump has gone on a tear committing additional acts that betray his oath of office and should be included in any impeachment hearing.”

Notably, Rubin listed these other reasons for Trump’s impeachment:

“…he continues to attack the First Amendment, including suspending the press pass of Playboy’s White House correspondent Brian Karem.”

“This month, Trump directed the Defense Department to reconsider a contract with Amazon, whose founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Post, as part of his continuing pattern of retaliation and intimidation of media outlets.”

“Trump defied Congress, declared a phony “emergency” and moved funds from military construction projects.”

“He has demanded a foreign government, Israel, deny access to two congresswomen seeking to conduct oversight, a critical function of Congress.”

“He has repeatedly refused to comply with lawful subpoenas base on spurious claims of immunity and directed individuals to refuse to respond to subpoenas.”

“And this week, Trump reached a new low in corruption and self-enrichment. Aside from all the money collected to date from foreign governments in violation of the emoluments clause, he is now seeking to locate the next Group of Seven summit on his Doral property, a blatant and egregious case of profiting off his presidency.”

Notice anything?

Whether it was January 20, 2017, or July 17, 2019, or the date of Rubin’s column – August 28, 2019 – the reason for impeaching Donald Trump kept changing. And notably? The stated reason now – the July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian president – didn’t even make Rubin’s column over a full month later. And it obviously had not even taken place on January 20th of 2017 or July 17th of 2019.

The facts here are clear as a bell. Literally from the day he was inaugurated, Democrats have been determined to take this president down – and overrule the votes of 63 million Americans. They have kept searching, searching, searching for something, anything, that could be used to run their coup d’état. They finally settled on the Ukrainian call. Suffice to say, if that call had never taken place they would have been looking for something else, just as they have for three years.

And in the process? Their impeachment charade is inflicting massive damage – to the impeachers.

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