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The Assault on Fox News

[dropcap style=”dropcap_style1″ textcolor=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” fontweight=”900″]So here is MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell the other night, as reported here by NewsBusters, bold print in the original:  MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Fox News Is ‘Endangering Your Life’ With Corona ‘Lies’

Socialist MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell on Wednesday night kicked off his prime time show by snarling that competitor Fox News is “endangering your life” with Coronavirus “lies.” The Last Word host, who has himself politicized the virus, insisted that “Fox now takes the pandemic seriously.” But “the sudden switch to taking the pandemic seriously at Fox proves that Fox was lying about it deliberately for weeks and weeks when they were lying in the way they believed Donald Trump wanted them to lie.”

O’Donnell attacked, “And when they were doing that every single day they were doing that, they were endangering millions of people’s lives and endangering your life because we are all in this together.”

As if to compete with O’Donnell, there was MSNBC’s Joy Reid saying this silliness: “Fox News has been getting people killed for years.”

Then there was Joe Lockhart, the ex-Bill Clinton White House press secretary. Tweeted Mr. Lockhart:

but of course, there was this from CNN: How Fox News misled viewers about the coronavirus

This glistening jewel of fake news said, in part, this:

“Indeed, over the past several weeks, top hosts and personalities on the conservative cable news network downplayed concerns about the virus, baselessly accusing credible news organizations of overhyping the crisis to hurt Trump politically.”

It went on to say:

“But a significant part of Fox News’ coverage had been aimed toward framing the response to coronavirus as unwarranted hysteria. The often-dismissive messaging from Fox News hosts was particularly notable, given that, like other cable news channels, the viewers who make up the network’s audience skew older and are, thus, the most vulnerable to the disease. The remarks from the hosts also raise concern given how much influence figures like Hannity wield over Trump, especially since Trump recycled some of those very talking points on Twitter and when speaking with the press to initially dismiss the public health crisis”

But my favorite bit of sheer idiocy came from Vox’s Aaron Rupar, who posted these two Hannity quotes:

HANNITY, March 9: “This scaring the living hell out of people — I see it, again, as like, let’s bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.”

HANNITY, March 18: “By the way, this program has always taken the coronavirus seriously. We’ve never called the virus a hoax.”

As if the second Hannity quote contradicted the first. OK, Aaron. Let me say this clearly so even you can understand.

1. To say that the liberal media doesn’t regularly weaponize anything and everything  – a Hollywood access tape, Trump-Russian collusion, a presidential phone call to Ukraine, the perfectly ordinary use of a geographic term to describe the virus, and on-and-on— is to deny reality. Of course they have politicized the virus. They do it all the time with everything. Why would they stop now?

2. No, Hannity never called the virus a hoax. You have made it up.

What is wrong with these people?

It wasn’t Fox that attacked the President for restricting travel between China and the United States all the way back there in January – it was CNN. As seen right here.  The headline: Coronavirus travel ban: Why experts fear it could backfire

This story begins:

“Experts say travel restrictions the Trump administration put in place to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading could have unintended consequences that undermine that effort.”

In other words, there was no need for these Trump travel restrictions. Everything is just fine folks, relax.

Look. Anyone paying attention to the Fox coverage of the virus knows full well that caution about dealing with the virus was being urged. No one ever suggested otherwise.

Yes indeed, there was – and remains – ample reason to believe the Leftist State Media -LSM – was -and is – politicizing the virus for political reasons, as the O’Donnell, Reid, Lockhart and Rupar statements or tweets show clearly. Only this week there was ABC’s White House reporter Cecilia Vega lecturing the President that calling the virus the “China virus” was “racist.” Hey, no politicizing there.

The fact of the matter is that the liberal media’s abysmal performance over the course of the Trump candidacy and White House has been nothing less than an all-out assault on facts and truth. From “Hillary has an 85% chance to win the election” to Trump-Russia collusion to the impeachment farce it is the LSM that has trashed its own credibility.

And the problem is Fox? Hannity? What a joke.

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