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Goodyear Tire Training Audio Leaked: All, Blue, White Lives Matter and MAGA Attire ‘Unacceptable’

The “training” slide is enough of an indication as to the bias and backward policy from the company. However, that appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

WATCH: Warren’s DNC Speech Has ‘BLM’ Spelled Out in Background

Former presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren went through quite the measures to criticize Trump in her Democratic National Convention speech Wednesday. The content of her speech was one thing, but the environment from which she spoke was an additional statement.

Associated Press Fact-Checks Michelle Obama: ‘Cages’ Were ‘Built During the Obama-Biden Administration’

Michelle Obama was the celebrity appearance of the night, essentially reminding everyone how great her husband’s presidency was. Except that it wasn’t, and not even Michelle’s speechwriters cared to make sure she was factually accurate.

PODCAST: Hannity’s “Live Free Or Die”

Everything Hannity is warning about in this book – everything Reagan warned about – is epitomized by the Biden-Harris ticket. The Democrats are now on a full speed ahead race to the far, far left. To socialism. A race that will indeed have consequences.

Kasich Embraces Socialism: The Return Of Anti-Reaganism

The bottom line here is that the Republican Establishment cannot abide President Trump and his middle class/working-class base. Just as, once upon a time, they could not abide by President Ronald Reagan.

Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York: No End Of Violence In Sight For These Liberal Cities

Sunday marked Portland’s 80th consecutive night of protests, during which “more than 60 emergency calls to police went unheeded overnight…as officers were preoccupied with hundreds of demonstrators downtown and were pelted by rocks,” reported Fox News.

Gov. Cuomo: Meet With Fox’s Janice Dean – Don’t Silence Her

Fox’s always ebullient meteorologist Janice Dean has written a blistering Op-Ed on the deaths of both her husband’s parents while they were in a New York nursing home.

BLM Organizer Calls Weekend Of Deadly Chicago Riots And Looting ‘Reparations’

Rioting, looting, destruction, terror, and murder. Those are the appropriate words to describe the destruction occurring in major cities after the Black Lives Matter movement has been hijacked by extremists.

Reagan Speechwriter: Biden Plagiarized Reagan In Harris Announcement Speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden, replete with a serious history of plagiarism as noted here in The New York Times in 1987 - quoting my younger self in the Reagan White House who nailed him on plagiarizing from Bobby Kennedy - is at it again.

Harris And The Liberal Obsession With Race

Liberals, it should be clear, are categorically obsessed with race. It matters not whether they are in the media or not. The question is: why?

Latest news

Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt Vice President In American History

As a new Senate report illustrates, and a small tidal wave of books and articles make clear, Biden stands out as the most corrupt vice president in American history. Considering that the country has had 48 vice presidents, that’s saying something.

BALLOT BLUNDER: Military mail-in ballots cast for Trump discarded in Pennsylvania, federal investigation finds

The widespread fear of the coronavirus has taken over every aspect of life as we knew it, including the ability to cast your vote at a polling station.

Clinton Calls SCOTUS ‘Fight’ A ‘Diabolical’ Attempt To Repeal Obamacare

Clinton gave a bizarre statement that the Supreme Court nominee is being pushed through for a health care agenda.

U.S. Health Officials Promise ‘No Corners Cut’ In Vaccination

Scientists are getting a taste of political foul play as they try to assure the American people that any COVID-19 vaccination can be trusted.

FBI Foils SC Man’s ‘Netflix Worthy’ Terror Attack On U.S. Soil In Name Of ISIS

The FBI has foiled plans of a South Carolina man to conduct terrorist attacks on American soil on behalf of ISIS.
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